Saturday, 19 September 2009

kitchen escapades

it's been a really foodie kind of week this week.

on wednesday me and my mum went to see Julie and Julia, a total must for anyone who has a food blog or enjoys things cooked in butter. it was really good, and i will have to get it on dvd. it was perfect as well because half is set in new york (perfect for me) and the other half is set in france (perfect for mum).

the food in it was pretty delicious looking, and there's lots of tasty closeups. the only thing that didn't quite gel in the movie was the chemistry between meryl streep and stanley tucci.

go watch it. or at least check out the trailer.

then on thursday i tried my hardest to make german spatzle with my spatzle press i've had for years. i first had spatzle when a german girl was staying with my family, and she cooked it for us. i thought it was like the most fun thing to make and delish to eat, so i asked if she could find and send me a press...which she did!

somehow i had never managed to get round to making it, and after having watched J&J I sort of felt spurred on...i suppose it's all that impossible looking duck boning and souffle making. so i got out the recipe and the press, and boiled the water.

for those of you that have never made it, or heard about it, it's basically just fresh egg noodles, but made quickly and a little inelegantly/rustic-ly. you mix 250g flour with 2 eggs and a smidge of water until it becomes a very wet dough that won't combine. then you boil water, and whilst its boiling, squeeze the dough through the press.

easier said than done. i got the dough made, which was simple, and managed to get it to the perfect consistency (check out this recipe with photos). then i put the press over the water, resting on the pan, and filled it with the dough.

of course, the steam cooked what was about to come out the holes, and so blocked it up, so i had to take it out, rinse it out, fill the press with the dough again (this time over a plate!) and squeeze it over the boiling water. so tricky because the handles are quite long, and the plates aren't totally perfect, so it doesn't come out totally perfect.

hey well, the final result, mixed with pesto or mushroom sauce (we tried both) was quite delicious but does look like a plate full of worms or something. hmm. maybe not one to try again?!

and then this morning i made this version of swiss bircher porridge. it's a cold porridge that is really healthy and delicious too. i've been thinking about it ever since i came back from my trip, because we ate it in south africa and australia (notable brisbane, where the waiter was super good looking). i tried so many google searches, and finally found this recipe which sounded about right. the only thing it didn't have was cinnamon, lots and lots of cinnamon.

and although this doesn't look totally amazing, the taste is phenomenal. astoundingly good. i'm going to make it again tomorrow.

so, anyway, i'm looking forward to next weeks food adventures already...hopefully there'll be some more photo-worthy meals!

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