Friday, 18 September 2009

being self sufficient

ok, so i know this is a little bit of a divert (actually a major one) from my current holiday 'what i ate where' posts. but i was reading the kitchen sink's latest post, and i was totally agreeing with what she said.

self sufficiency is a dream i've had for years now...and i was totally thinking again about it on holiday, i even drew up a budget, ground plans for my house and what i would do with my many acres... (click on image to enlarge)

i drew that up somewhere in fiji. it was hot, and this is my recreation, dreaming about what life COULD be like someday.

my dad has been both a dairy farmer and a pig farmer, so i grew up on farms with animals, and both my granddad's have vegetable patches so i'm not totally clueless when it comes to growing stuff.

there's just a couple of problems with actually being able to fulfill this dream:

- my ability to make stuff grow - i, like Kristin, can't seem to make anything grow or stay alive for more than a month or so.

- the lack of hands, i've only got two. my dream is big, and would totally need a couple of farm hands, a husband, and my mother and brothers living close.

- the total disappearance of any money towards it - like i said i drew up a budget, and the lowest amount of money i would require is about £2000 each month. i'm working towards it though! saving, saving, saving. keeping my eyes open for the perfect piece of land, and the perfect house. keeping pictures of every house i like, just in case i win the lottery and could afford to 'grand design' my own house.

what can i say, i'm a dreamer, and i won't ever stop being one.

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