Monday, 24 August 2009

australian food journey : what i ate

we arrived in sydney, and ate at the local fish and chip shop in terrigal called haven seafoods: good fish and chips.

in sydney we went to the casino, and ate at an all you can eat buffet, this was one of my many many plates of food!

breakfast on manly beach: french toast with maple syrup, caramelised banana, fresh strawberries and bacon. i still think about it today.

the farmer's market at manly, some delish fresh produce.
banana bread is like a huge thing in the sydney area it seems. and its perfectly moist and had some added blueberries. yum.

then for a delicious cupcake from the cupcake bakery.

the most amazing cafe: TOFWD has so many delicious healthy options, gluten, wheat, sugar free, you name it. everything's organic too. if you're ever in melbourne, its on degraves street near the train station.
my goodies from TOFWD (The Organic Food and Wine Deli)

kangaroo steak: which i ate at a stop on the great ocean road.

our buffet lunch whilst out on the great barrier reef.
in brisbane: we went to the amazing farmer's market, and had a hotdog. also bought some olives (stuffed with pancetta and sundried tomatoes) and fresh strawberries.

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