Wednesday, 22 July 2009

travelling for 7 weeks with an insulin pump

so in a few days i am heading off on a huge trip round the world, and although i am super excited, and everything i need is definitely going to fit in my suitcase, i am a little trepedatious (is that how it's spelt?)
i am travelling with one of my secondary school friends, who knows better than anyone how to deal with me both hyperglycaemic and hypoglycaemic. she's been with me on a million occasions when i've seemed a little drunk because i'm so low, and she's seen the tired, cranky high sugar level version of me too.

we have chosen to go to all sorts of amazing places, but places where they speak english and have good hospitals and doctors nearby. just because it's the first time we've travelled outside europe, and we are both a little nervous of what might happen to ourselves when we are jet lagged...that should be interesting.

i'll let you know how it goes.

then of course there are a million supplies i need to take with me. seriously loads. and spares too. this is half of what i'm taking:

and i've got an emergency box ready to post if i need it. i must go and print of medtronic's worldwide numbers, just in case i need extra infusion sets or syringes. the rest of it...i'd just better not lose! i'd better write a note on my luggage: please can no-one steal my suitcase or send it on the wrong plane :)