Friday, 24 July 2009

neals yard remedies

i don't know if i've ever fully expressed my love for neals yard remedies. so here is a little ode to them.
we have a store in my local town, which is really great, because that means i can pop in there and just inhale the goodness every time i go shopping.

the staff are super friendly, and they will always give good advice and not try and sell you something you don't need.

there's also an online neals yard store that ships to the us and japan! amazing!

the main reason that i love this brand is that it is ethical and natural. there are some organic products too, and every item will have a label on it that says what % organic it is. they always give a full list of ingredients, and proper instructions for how to use everything!

oh and the blue glass bottles are the most beautiful thing to have on your bathroom shelf :)

these are some of my favorite things:
- frankincense hydrating cream
- honey and orange scrub
- mahonia clear skin gel
- organic lip formula shea nut and rosehip
- white tea enriching facial mask
- wild rose beauty balm
- lemon and coriander deodorant
- melissa hand cream
- rosemary and elderflower shower gel
- kaolin or bentonite clay or green clay
- remedies to roll travel