Wednesday, 22 July 2009

john robbins 'healthy at 100'

i've been longing to re-read this book for the last couple of months, and I discovered it at the back of my bookshelf this week. i immediately got it out and started leafing through it to remind myself how good it is!

seriously, this is the best health and nutrition book I have EVER read! it is so inspiring. jammed full of facts and evidence to support everything he says. i am going to read healthy at 100 again and again and again to try to take in all of the information that is in it.

plus, its definitely an added bonus that it happens to be written by John Robbins, aka Baskin Robbins. it gives this book a definite edge.

the book looks at longevity amongst certain tribes of the world and seeks out their secrets. if I were to let you in on the secrets, now that would be telling wouldn't it?

but I can tell you looks at diet, lifestyle, exercise, family and love. all of which are super important in living a long and healthy life. it deconstructs myths and tells it as it is. how old are the oldest in Vilcabamba or Abkhasia or Okinawa or the Hunza really?

but the most interesting parts are the end of chapter summaries, what Mr. Robbins thinks should be tips and guidelines for a healthier lifestyle. very very interesting.

i strongly encourage you to get this book or rent it from your and enjoy. and practice some of the things he preaches.

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  1. Hello, I am diagnosed type I diabetes a little over ten years.
    I found the videos randomly "not just apples" on youtube, and even get to the blogger was a short step.
    Simply amazing how you seem to organize and anticipate everything with an iron discipline while taking pleasure.
    Knowing how to combine hard work, family life and personal with the routine of diabetes, I congratulate you for the quality of your posts that are a source of inspiration to keep on track.


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