Friday, 31 July 2009

Cape Town, South Africa

Hi everyone! I'm in South Africa! i hope you are all well and feeling good.

It's really beautiful here! We have enjoyed a city tour as well as a tour of the winelands :) we drank 17 different kinds of wine, and were a little tipsy coming back to our hotel. thank goodness for some excellent tour guides who know everything about this amazing place!

there's some delicious food and an amazingly large shopping centre on the V&A waterfront, which is where i'm writing this to you from...

there's a million different roadworks and building works being done for next years 2010 world cup that's taking place here. it makes getting a taxi twice as expensive (though it's still cheap) because of the number of diversions.

anyway, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch were really beautiful, with amazing architecture and the surrounding mountains are a stunning backdrop.

anyway, the style here is very european, and this mall has a havaianas shop that i'm just about to go and raid. those turqouise flip flops will be mine.

the picture is taken from the pretty bo kaap area, and you can see half of table mountain on the right...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

i have to see this movie

ok, isn't this like an awesome dream but in animation?! i can't wait to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

Friday, 24 July 2009

neals yard remedies

i don't know if i've ever fully expressed my love for neals yard remedies. so here is a little ode to them.
we have a store in my local town, which is really great, because that means i can pop in there and just inhale the goodness every time i go shopping.

the staff are super friendly, and they will always give good advice and not try and sell you something you don't need.

there's also an online neals yard store that ships to the us and japan! amazing!

the main reason that i love this brand is that it is ethical and natural. there are some organic products too, and every item will have a label on it that says what % organic it is. they always give a full list of ingredients, and proper instructions for how to use everything!

oh and the blue glass bottles are the most beautiful thing to have on your bathroom shelf :)

these are some of my favorite things:
- frankincense hydrating cream
- honey and orange scrub
- mahonia clear skin gel
- organic lip formula shea nut and rosehip
- white tea enriching facial mask
- wild rose beauty balm
- lemon and coriander deodorant
- melissa hand cream
- rosemary and elderflower shower gel
- kaolin or bentonite clay or green clay
- remedies to roll travel

ikea + swedish food

mum and i went for a little late night ikea shopping, and popped into the cafe for a little dinner. we had been too busy shopping to think about food. i think maybe the first time thats happened in a long long time, if ever :)

anyway, we always have meatballs at ikea, and they had them on a summer holiday offer: £1 for 10 meatballs, with fries, sauce and gravy. thats instead of its reguar £3.75. we were two very happy customers. the word had obviously spread to all the students in the area, as the place was packed out with them!

we went to the swedish food shop after and stocked up on meatballs, herring, rye crispbread, marabou and cinnamon rolls. one delicious breakfast is mustard sil on crispbread. yummy.

these cinnamon rolls are 100% delicious and very addictive...try them. you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

underarm waxing

ok, this is never anything i would want to admit to doing, but a couple of my friends have asked me questions about it, so i thought it might be useful for you all to know.

waxing underarms is more painful than any other waxing, but if you've had waxing done before then you'll be fine!

i went and had mine waxed at my local beauty therapists for the first time a couple of years ago. i just hate having the shaving shadow, and someone suggested that if i waxed them it would look smooth and hair free for ages. too true.

so anyway, i went, and because i've had everything else waxed i wasn't too worried about it. i just kinda had that fleeting thought of just HOW painful it would be once the wax was on. best to start having a panic then, because you've then only got about 2 seconds before it starts to sting!

anyways, it was so effective, lasted 4 weeks before they started showing through again, amazing! well worth it for £5 i think.

so, i resolved to go back and have it done again and again, but sometimes i just can't stand to grow my underarm hairs to the appropriate length....ew (which is about 0.5cm btw).

eventually i have managed to go several times, and am determined to keep up a better routine. but, i am now also brave enough to wax my own underarms. i know that sounds terrifying to a waxing newbie, but to us oldies we know that the pain subsides loads after the 5th time you wax any area. you just get used to the type of pain i think.

so i get some really cheap mini waxing strips from boots or tesco, and away i go. the thing is it doesn't take that long, and then when the hairs come back they are smaller and easier to take out again.

just make sure that if you do it on yourself you are waxing on clean skin and hairs, which will make them super easy to pull out.

now, enough of such a gross post.

i wish i could afford laser treatment on them, that would be ideal. then i wouldn't have to worry about them more than twice a year!

any questions about waxing i'd be more than happy to answer them!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

english rose beauty makeup look

here's a requested look i created for my YT channel:

john robbins 'healthy at 100'

i've been longing to re-read this book for the last couple of months, and I discovered it at the back of my bookshelf this week. i immediately got it out and started leafing through it to remind myself how good it is!

seriously, this is the best health and nutrition book I have EVER read! it is so inspiring. jammed full of facts and evidence to support everything he says. i am going to read healthy at 100 again and again and again to try to take in all of the information that is in it.

plus, its definitely an added bonus that it happens to be written by John Robbins, aka Baskin Robbins. it gives this book a definite edge.

the book looks at longevity amongst certain tribes of the world and seeks out their secrets. if I were to let you in on the secrets, now that would be telling wouldn't it?

but I can tell you looks at diet, lifestyle, exercise, family and love. all of which are super important in living a long and healthy life. it deconstructs myths and tells it as it is. how old are the oldest in Vilcabamba or Abkhasia or Okinawa or the Hunza really?

but the most interesting parts are the end of chapter summaries, what Mr. Robbins thinks should be tips and guidelines for a healthier lifestyle. very very interesting.

i strongly encourage you to get this book or rent it from your and enjoy. and practice some of the things he preaches.

travelling for 7 weeks with an insulin pump

so in a few days i am heading off on a huge trip round the world, and although i am super excited, and everything i need is definitely going to fit in my suitcase, i am a little trepedatious (is that how it's spelt?)
i am travelling with one of my secondary school friends, who knows better than anyone how to deal with me both hyperglycaemic and hypoglycaemic. she's been with me on a million occasions when i've seemed a little drunk because i'm so low, and she's seen the tired, cranky high sugar level version of me too.

we have chosen to go to all sorts of amazing places, but places where they speak english and have good hospitals and doctors nearby. just because it's the first time we've travelled outside europe, and we are both a little nervous of what might happen to ourselves when we are jet lagged...that should be interesting.

i'll let you know how it goes.

then of course there are a million supplies i need to take with me. seriously loads. and spares too. this is half of what i'm taking:

and i've got an emergency box ready to post if i need it. i must go and print of medtronic's worldwide numbers, just in case i need extra infusion sets or syringes. the rest of it...i'd just better not lose! i'd better write a note on my luggage: please can no-one steal my suitcase or send it on the wrong plane :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

flourless chocolate brownies

hey everyone!

sorry there hasn't been a post in a long while, but i am heading off round the world on Sunday (no joke) so there's been loads of things to pack and organise!

i have been a baking machine these last couple of weeks though, i eat a lot when i get excited! but so many of these have been repeat recipes, based on what is in the fridge/freezer/store cupboard.

anyway, yesterday i made some delish brownies for the people at work as a goodbye gift. they were THE BEST BROWNIES I HAVE EVER MADE!

I found the recipe on Enjoy Healthy Eating, it was for Healthy Chocolate Brownies. Who knew? I know Nigella does a version of flourless brownies, but I think there's maybe way too much sugar in them... Anyway, of course I had to change it slightly because I didn't have everything it asked for!

Here's what I used and did:
- 225g plain chocolate melted with 225g butter in a saucepan. Once they melted I added 50g caster sugar and 100g fructose sugar, and left it off the heat.
- then i added 140g ground almonds, 100g chopped walnuts, 3 beaten eggs and about 2 tsps of vanilla extract.
- i lined two loaf tins with baking parchment, and divided the mix between both. cooked in the oven at 180c for 25minutes.
- then i left it to cool completely, which makes it easier to cut, as well as giving that delicious squidgy bit in the middle! YUM!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

next's new autumn line

I love Next!

My favourite things about any of their season collections are the shoes, boots and jeans. Their jeans fit me perfectly, even the skinnies, so I think I'm up for a couple of pairs this coming autumn. Plus this time they have a whole range of different leggings, and I love the denim ones.

The chunky black ankle boots with studs are a slightly more feminine version of DMs which is definitely a good thing. And their runway collection blue and black suede peep toes are t.d.f!

Oh, and they have this black dress which is quite utility (it's in the central part of the picture). It looks like the perfect layering dress :)

Check it out at

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

sugar level tester

My tester broke! the little lancet pinger thingy broke, the spring jumped out. so, i now have to get another one. i have been needing to get another one for ages as a spare, but have never got round to it. so at least i can temporarily fix the thing with cellotape whilst i try and find a new one. (i've emailed my doctor to see if they've got any spares lurking around...)

anyway, i've always had a onetouch, so i went on their website to see which ones they've got. and this is the new one i found, the ultralink. i wonder how it works, and if it does easily or if its complicated.

Perhaps I'll just stick to what i already have, but has broken, it has served me well! Its just so easy to use...

What kind do you use? Any suggestions...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

eyelash perming and tinting

one of the more bizarre beauty therapy treatments is eyelash perming and tinting. it sounds ridiculous doesn't it? i mean, who came up with the idea..?!

anyways, so after going on my course i was totally happy with the results, even if the method felt a little strange.

this is a pic of me tinting my friend E's lashes. they looked so good after, but my camera went a bit blurry, so you can't really tell from the pictures:

before we did the tint, we did the perm. by far the longest part of the treatment...the whole treatment takes just an hour, and three quarters of that is the perm.

it basically involves little rods going just above your eyelash line, gluing the lashes to the rod, popping perm gel on, covering in cling film for 15mins, brushing on some neutraliser, then covering in cling film again for another 15mins. Its pretty lengthy, but any good therapist will give you a hand massage or mini manicure during the waiting parts.

then the therapist takes off the rods, cleans off any residue and goes on with the tinting, which is literally protecting the eyes, then painting on the dye. you can also tint eyebrows, to make them seem more structured.

the perm lasts for 4-6 weeks, and the dye for about 2-4...depending on.

its a really good treatment for holiday, as you won't have to worry about mascara or eyelash curlers. but if you still want volume and thickness, you'll want to put on mascara.

don't be afraid of having this treatment done, and its not usually that expensive. let me know what you think if you have one, or have had one...where you pleased with the results?

over and out.

lentil lasagne recipe

i went round to a friends house for dinner yesterday and we cooked an amazing lentil lasagne. i had never thought of making lasagne this way before. how much healthier is lentil lasagne than regular? oh my. so, i was really happy to help her cook it so then i could nab the recipe for you all!

thanks E for such an amazing meal! followed by lemon drizzle cake, which was also delicious :) we didn't take exact measurements, as we've both made lasagne a million times, but the joy of lasagne is that you can't get it wrong that easily!

2 onions, diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
2 red peppers (or 1 large one), diced
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
a little drizzle of vegetable stock
red lentils
a squidge of tomato puree
lasagne sheets (ps. did you know tesco's value lasagne sheets are low gi!)
bechamel sauce
cheese (we used parmesan and cheddar)
salt and pepper to taste

1. start by mixing up your tomato and lentil sauce. sweat the onions and then after 5 mins add the red pepper and the garlic. mix together, let the flavours infuse for 5 mins.

2. then add the tinned tomatoes, puree, oregano, stock and red lentils. mix together and let simmer for 30 minutes, or until the lentils have softened (it will start to look a bit like porridge)

3. meanwhile make the bechamel sauce. it should not be runny, but it should be dropping consistency. melt butter, mix in flour and then add milk. stir constantly until it starts to thicken. you can easily make it thinner by adding more milk if necessary.

4. start to layer your lasagne. the order should go tomato sauce, lasagne sheets, bechamel, tomato sauce, lasagne sheets, bechamel. smooth out the ingredients, so its nice and even. sprinkle a little cheese on top.

5. bake in a medium oven until golden. we put ours on for about 1.5 hours at 100c, but thats because we had to do something else. it would have been delicious for 40mins at 180c too!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

brighton and birthday

sorry its been a while since my last post, but so much has happened since my brother came home! the last week i've been in brighton at a conference, which was awesome...really really good :)

we went for walks on the beach and did some shopping in between meetings. the shopping in Brighton is AMAZING. no jokes. its a really good mix of designer, vintage, individual and highstreet. i fell in love with a brand called people tree, its an ethical clothing store with some simple shapes, with organic, fairtrade materials. check it out, its gorgeous.

my friend took this picture of me in front of the brighton pier, the old one. i kinda like the funky close up angle, but i have realised how much i dislike my old sunglasses. it has been my personal mission for the last week to find a new pair i really like (ones without prescription lenses).

and then i had my birthday, which was a fun time. i was so tired from the week in brighton though that i was a little cranky (not usual for me. i'm not good with being tired.) i had a couple of friends round in the evening and we watched "bride wars", entertaining but not amazing.

then i watched "from dusk til dawn" today, which is an amazing movie, with a totally unexpected twist. watch it if you haven't seen it and are in for some hilarious horror comedy :)

yesterday i did a little shopping and found my new glasses. wayfarers, in fact, from john lewis. and i bought this shrug from republic. my necklaces were a birthday gift from an incredibly fashionable friend of mine.

Monday, 6 July 2009

out for a bit of a dance

I went out with some of my friends for a bit of a dance and a drink this weekend. it was so much fun! we went shopping the day after, and did some good sales shopping. i will post pics of my new purchases soon!

This is a pic of me in the Jack Wills changing rooms, which were beautiful! i didn't buy anything there though...i can't decide whether i love everything there or the opposite...hmm.

It was a really good weekend...and i am back with more posts for you! thanks to all of those of you who have subscribed, it makes me smile :)

Thursday, 2 July 2009

benefit makeup

Don't you just love the packaging for benefit?! Its beautiful! these are the things that i really want to try :) stuff thats been really well reviewed on youtube and other blogs. hmm, it would cost loads though!

my brother's home!

at least for two weeks my brother is home from Morocco, for a holiday. :) i haven't seen him since february so i was so glad to see him again when he got back yesterday!

people say that we look alike. they also say that he looks like prince harry. hmm. i say they are probably both true. what do you reckon?

what i'm wearing: topshop dress(ebay), h&m leggings, accessorize flip-flops