Saturday, 13 June 2009

which hair extensions?

I have been thinking about getting some clip in extensions for a while now, just to make a change to what my hair always looks like! But, there are so many different brands its difficult to decide which to have.
I have narrowed it down to two different brands...both made of human hair, with clips attached.

The 1st is American Dream Hair Extensions. I think I'll head to Sally's on Tuesday and see if I can get a good colour match, every other time I've gone to have a look I just get overwhelmed with the millions of different colors! There's a good review/tutorial by lollipop26 on YT.

The 2nd is Head Kandy Hair Extensions. They come in a full set, check out the picture below. But, its so difficult to tell what colour hair I would be just by looking at the pictures on the net. There's an excellent review by kissonthechic on Youtube, go check it out if you want more info.