Sunday, 21 June 2009

wedding anniversary.

yesterday i had the privelege of going to a wedding and a wedding anniversary. of course there wasn't actually any food at the wedding ceremony, but it was a beautiful occasion.

at the wedding anniversary on the other hand, it was celebrated with a meal in a local pub. a really nice and special occasion for my grandparents 50th.

i pre-chose the smoked salmon and crayfish salad, which as you can see is exactly as it says.

For dessert I had a creme brulee. Naughty of me, but i figured it would be a tiny portion, which it was. my only question is: is creme brulee supposed to be served hot or cold?

Afterwards there was a big cake given to my grandparents, with a 50 and a sugar icing lily on top. It was cut into 24 pieces, and shared out between all the family. Of course, these sort of cakes have ridiculous amounts of sugar in, which meant I had to save it for some sort of action emergency when I needed the energy.

and sure enough, later that evening, i needed a little pick me up so ate the sponge. really not my favorite thing in the world, they tend to be pretty bland, give me some extra lemon and i'd be happy!

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