Saturday, 6 June 2009

how much is too much? how little is not enough?

Waste of make up Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you sometimes feel like that? I know I do. Frequently. That sort of why did I bother thing?

I often get the I should have tried harder thing too. I am obviously still not getting it right, its sometimes tricky to know exactly what I am doing in the day, and my day is often more formal than I was ready for, with far more hot guys that I was prepared for too.

In the future, I must remember to wear more makeup so then I don't go out without feeling 100%. Confidence is key, and makeup is a huge part of how confident us ladies feel.

But we don't want to appear too fake either do we ?! Where's the line? I love having a fake tan, but is it too much.

I reckon I keep applying more and more makeup on a day to day basis. But certainly not nearly as much as some people. But I feel like this isn't so bad for me. Maybe I wouldn't feel so awful if I used a mineral product like Lily Lolo or Bare Escentuals. I could pile it on and still think I looked natural :)

What do you reckon?

Sorry for the rant. I have been watching too much 'snog, marry, avoid' again.