Tuesday, 2 June 2009

greek food

greek food is delicious! some of it is super healthy, and some of it is the exact opposite. their savoury is all fresh veg and fish, but their dessert is pure sugar and pastry; the sweetest pastries ever.

anyway, i took a whole bunch of photos for you to enjoy, and will upload the photos in the next couple of days in different "greek food" posts. but for starters, here's what we ate on our first day in athens.

my first greek salad was so exciting! a huge slab of feta cheese on top, lots of herbs and big chunks of tomato and cucumber. delicious.

spinach pie is the fast food item of greece. this was the best spinach pie we ate on our entire trip. the addition of dill sauce on the side was a fantastically tasty surprise. nowhere else did it with such style.

we ate out at "lunchtime" which was about 4pm, but it became what the Swedes call middan. kind of like a lunch/dinner thing. we had been walking around Athens for ages, and were beckoned in politely by an athenian man to sit at one of his tables. we couldn't say no. plus, we were lost so we were able to ask for directions too.

it turns out we were sitting on a square right next to where the tourist train sets off, which we were able to go on after.

for all the food photos i took in Greece, check out the album on Image Shack:

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