Friday, 19 June 2009

eating healthy = beautiful skin

you all know this, but i thought i'd reiterate any way.

good food = good skin

its so true, so so so true. its not someone feeding you a lie to make you eat healthier.

i always notice a huge change in my skin when I am eating healthy and more varied foods. thats a change for the better. but because i eat healthily most of the time, my skin stays in pretty good condition.

about a year ago, i switched to soya milk rather than dairy for breakfast, after reading an excellent book called Healthy at 100 written by John Robbins (of Baskin Robbins). there was so many interesting facts in this book, i couldn't put it down...seriously life changing.

i've always eaten healthy because i have to as i am diabetic. but, there are some interesting things that i have picked up along the way. check out my food blog, not just apples for more about what i eat on a day to day basis.

my diet follows these rules (mostly, but i am not strict strict strict, i will 95% of the time follow these rules):
- i don't eat after 7pm
- i don't eat 'white' carbs, just wholegrains
- i don't drink cows milk
- i don't keep cheese in our fridge, except for goats/sheeps cheese or super low fat cheese (like feta, etc)
- i always eat breakfast
- i eat at least one apple and one banana every day
- i don't drink coffee or tea, i only drink herbal tea (nettle, green with lemon and peppermint are our favorites)
- i don't cook with real sugar, i use fructose, or sweeten with honey/maple syrup
- there's always a million different kinds of frozen vegetables in our freezer

here's a sneak peek into our fridge...what can you spot?:

ps. i am NOT a fussy eater, i eat everything i am given!! i think variety is the spice of life. i'll eat anything...