Friday, 5 June 2009

apartment loves

i love apartment therapy. i am addicted. i dream of living in every single house or apartment. i have saved 243 images from their site already, so i can print it into my interior design folder for future use...

i love glass, and the way it catches the light, and the different ways people use it in their homes. retro chic is amazing. but my favorite looks are those that are messy and undone. clutter is beautiful. i keep trying to tell my mum that, but she won't listen.

oh, and my most favorite interior design brick. i need some in my life. it reminds me of new york apartments and thats not a bad thing, right?

i can't wait to have my own house so i can fill it with reclaimed, antique, second hand goodies. as well as some things from ikea (of course! how could i not, i have swedish blood)

talking of interiors, i recently watched the series kirstie's homemade home on channel 4. and even if it was a little frustrating at times...i wish i had the opportunity to learn the skills she did. bring on the quilting, glassblowing and knitting! i hope she brings a book out, so then i can glance at the lovely photos.