Friday, 19 June 2009

a walk with odin

Odin is my brothers dog, he's a super cute chocolate brown cocker spaniel, but being flown out to Morocco soon... :(

I took him for a huge run around one of our favorite places nearby, an old settlement/fort, with gorgeous views of the countryside.

he's now in need of a bath, because he ran in so much long grass its got stuck to his coat. he was so worn out, he was breathing really heavily. its nice for dogs to get so much exercise. plus he met up with a couple of other dogs and had a good sniff on the way round.

i took my lovely wimbledons on the walk too :)

it was a gorgeous morning, and the sun was in both blue sky and clouds, on and off. there was a small breeze because the place is quite high was relaxing.

next shoes, topshop leggings, next dress, new look jacket, m&s bag, wimbledon sunglasses