Thursday, 21 May 2009

without moisturiser.

it sounds ridiculous to say that i haven't worn moisturiser religiously over the past week. but since i came back from holiday, my skin hasn't been needing it really. i have only put it on when my skin feels dry or tight, which is about twice.

its not that i don't love my moisturiser, but i reckon my skin maybe needs a break. plus my skin is intelligent and it doesn't really need creams or anything to keep itself in check.

basically the skin is very clever, it does so many different jobs, and i truly believe that if you nourish yourself from the inside, your skin will glow and function correctly.

after all its only about 1% of ingredients from moisturisers that actually enter your skin, isn't it?

sorry this is such a short post. but, if you want to give the no regular moisturiser thing a go, please let me know how it goes!