Thursday, 21 May 2009

why does barley look so disgusting, but taste so delicious...

I made a delicious barley and sausage stew last night. absolutely delicious. but as i was going to take some photographs of it i realised how disgusting it looked. sometimes healthy food just doesn't seem so appetizing. it appeared like a medieval meal (which stew is, i suppose).

anyway, there was no way to make this stew appear more delicious, so i thought i would write it instead.

if you've never had pearl barley before, you are seriously missing out. it is so yummy. it has a fantastic texture. and it is really good for you too. low GI and everything!

its so easy to use, i literally put it into the stew, cover over the lid, turn the heat way down or off and let it do its thing for about 2 hours - overnight is better. it absorbs all the flavours around it, and tastes phenomenal.

so here's my recipe:
- chop and fry 1 leek, 2 carrots and 3 onions in a tbsp of olive oil
- once they are browned off and cooked, put these in a large saucepan and add some passata, some hot water and some bouillon. and don't forget to season it too.
- take some sausages (5-6) and fry them up. chop them into chunks (you don't have too actually, but i think the flavours are better infused into the rest of the stew)
- add these to the tomato sauce you've just made.
- put about a handful of pearl barley into the pan leave to simmer for 1 hour, then turn off and rest for 2+

you can easily do this in a slow cooker, and it will taste amazing. just add the cooked ingredients to your slow cooker instead of a large saucepan.

...there we go, ready to eat deliciousness!

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