Friday, 1 May 2009

Like a rollercoaster...

For the last few weeks, since Easter, my sugar levels have gone crazy.

Those of you who are diabetic will know that once they get out of control, its hard to pull them back in again.

But I have been trying!

Its exceedingly difficult when you have a desk job, that requires you to be sat down for a large proportion of the day, as this means more insulin and less exercise. And the more insulin, the worse the absorption rate is for Patrick (my Minimed Insulin pump). So, the more insulin you use, the more insulin you will need to use to compensate.

Anyway, things can quite easily go spiralling out of control.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite pick up on this one early enough. It was only a few days ago that I questioned why I wasn't getting much done, why I was snacking more and why I was constantly tired. Hmmm. It was obviously worse than I thought.

So, now I am back on track, trying to stabilise the levels. My fridge is full of veg, and there are tons of tasty snacks around the house and a gigantic fruit bowl too. But, as brilliant as this is, it isn't the answer to my problems.

I have changed my infusion set area, so hopefully the absorption rate will improve soon. And I am trying, trying, trying to stop working at my desk, but the credit crunch has meant that I need to work as much as I can.

So, where do I find the balance? How can I acheive it if I don't have time or money? Tricky, tricky, tricky. Well, I am heading off on holiday in a week, to somewhere that I hope will restore and rejuvenate. A good relaxation, lots of walking and swimming, sunshine and good food and company should help to balance out those levels again! Or, so I hope.