Saturday, 16 May 2009

italy, conad & me

i have just arrived back from my holiday in italy with my family! it was such gorgeous weather, and delicious food.

on our second day we went out to the local supermarket to get some supplies for the kitchen... and the Conad was such an experience to shop in, i thought i would give you a sneak peek inside an Italian supermarket.

it was so much fun looking round the shop, as there were some totally new brands i had never heard of. And it was interesting seeing completely new food too. i was amazed and over the moon to see prepacked and cooked chickpeas, spinach and pearl barley. wowee, how healthy!

so. ironically, we were never served anything remotely this healthy. loads of white pasta, and way too much salt. everything was really good, but i felt so bloated and big by the end of the week. and thirsty because of the salt.

but, we did find out some tasty snacks, that were totally salt free, with no added sugar (zucchiere)...

it does look like baby food, but tasted delicious, especially the mixed fruit one. yum!

every evening we had a chef cook us dinner in our villa (oh my word, how posh is that?), and there were always 4 courses. first was some sort of bruschetta type bread with a topping. next was the pasta course. then, the meat course with a few vegetables (covered with olive oil and salt usually) and then the pudding.

almost always made me feel slightly unwell, because i ate way too much. but i did enjoy the snacks i took with me during the day, which kept me balanced. i had chocolate covered almonds, dried mango, and cereal bars. pretty good.

we went out to buy cakes at one point too. frangipane, marzipan and sugary fruit = the main basis of these cakes. biscotti are delicious, especially the really nutty ones. but the rest of my family aren't health freaks like myself, so had many, rather than one. and i was the person to initiate the buying of fresh apples, bananas, cherries and pears. oh, and yogurt too.

every morning i brought down a green tea bag to have with breakfast, which my whole family thought was strange. but, the only other thing to drink was coffee or UHT milk. ew. it did help clear my salty head though, so rock on green tea!

anyways, should you ever go to Italy, definitely try a gelato if you allow yourself. i had a small tub of strawberry and coconut icecream. delicious! it was well worth the sugar headache that followed!

the views are amazing... can you spot the creepy italian tree (aka the tall thin one)?

and when we went into town, we decided that each of us would be taking part in a challenge to find the best wine. we all had to buy a bottle for under 10euros and then we would do a blind taste testing to see which one was the nicest. and later on that evening, my bottle won!! haha, i have the least vino experience of all my fellow travellers, so maybe it was just beginners luck?

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