Saturday, 16 May 2009

italian markets are shoe heaven!

I have just come back from holiday, and it was so exciting to be in Italy again! Its such a beautiful place, and the style is seriously trendy.

Most of the holiday was spent laying by the pool reading or trying to dunk my brother under the water. Which is near impossible because he's so hench.
Anyways, I think the stuff that I did end up packing was pretty good. Check out the video of that on Youtube. There were a couple of things that it would have been good to have with me though.

A strapless bra would have been brilliant, as well as another pair of linen trousers and some extra shorts. More dressy dresses would have been a bonus, as I didn't feel smart enough at dinner time. A hat would have been excellent to keep my head from burning, but I still can't find one that I really love...

There was only one day that we were allowed to go shopping in nearby Siena. And I was weirdly enough the only person not to buy anything. Apart from a postcard to my mum. I am remarkably short of money at the moment, especially with all the holidays.

BUT. My sister-in-law and I went to the market, which turned out to be this huge shoe fest really. Serious rows of shoes and handbags at amazing prices too. Unfortunately the italians don't really have many size 8s, so I gave up quite quickly on looking. But my sister-in-law was determined to find some lace up heels. And found some gorgeous ones too.

After checking out the market and the Duomo, which was truly spectacular, we met up with my sister-in-laws family, some of who had gone to Il Ponti Pelletteria and bought themselves some fantastic bags. A turqouise crocodile handbag was my favorite. Stunning. It would go with anything.

Of course the other truly inspirational thing about Italy, apart from the views, are the Vespas. Oh how I love them! Check them out + all the accessories too on the Vespa website.