Friday, 29 May 2009


I am posting this from a little internet cafe in Paros, Greece. Its such a beautiful place, and reminds me a lot of Sweden at times.

We went up to a little beach called Santa Maria this morning, which was breathtaking. The greek islands are quite touristy, but less so at this time of year.

We started our journey in Athens, which I was totally disappointed with to start, but at one point we took a left and everything got more beautiful and so much more impressive (cleaner too...nice!)

We then flew to Santorini, and stayed in Oia overnight. It was beautiful, and the sunset was spectacular. But, there were still too many tourists at even this remoter part of the island.

From there we took a ferry to Folegandros, my favourite island so far. It is small, but full of lovely local people, and some really delicious food. Our hotel was super amazing, with a gorgeous view and luxurious pool. One of the days we rented a quad bike and went round the whole island. Scary at times, because to get to any beaches there is quite a descent...

We are now in Paros, from here we will go back to Santorini to fly to Athens, where we will stay for a few days before heading back to England. Hopefully we will go to see the Parthenon up close...its still impressive from miles away.

I have loved trying all the different foods on offer here. So many delicious things to eat. The only thing I haven't plucked up the courage to eat yet is octopus...maybe tongiht. I will let you know!