Tuesday, 19 May 2009

american apparel, i love you

can you find me one person that does not love american apparel? i've only ever met people that don't know what it is...

the perfect basics. always chic and stylish. wear it with pride. i can't wait til my skirt comes in the post!

i love looking at their "coming soon" section to see what the new stuff is going to be. Right now there's a printed nylon tricot tank dress that looks gorgeous. And the stores too...they are soo colourful, and its super easy to find everything. The first time I ever went to one it was in Cologne (Koln) and I was so excited to go in there. I still am.

i adore that they have an organics range too, how eco friendly! its pretty basic stuff on there, but maybe the range will increase with time.

and one day the circle vest in galaxy will be mine..