Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I am going to Cornwall with the family tomorrow, and am currently trying to figure out what to pack. As always I have checked the weather report for the coming week, and all I can see is rain; the only variation is the difference between whether its light or heavy rain!

This is kind of to be expected, I only hope we see a little bit of sunshine at some point! Thats why its usually better to go ABROAD on holiday, where sunshine and heat is slightly more guaranteed...! I am so sure that we'll still have so much fun :)

So my packing essentials for this holiday are:
- a raincoat - one I bought in Topshop last year, its got a waist drawstring and its dark navy blue. I don't reckon raincoats are ever going to be sexy, but this comes pretty close.
- Caudalie grape water - I can only hope it comes in the post today, so I can actually have it for holiday. This is so nice to spritz whilst travelling in the car for ages, or after having been sat for ages.
- Chocolate Raisins & Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Snacks are super important, especially when there is so much rain. These are my favourite things to nibble atm, I just can't get enough!
- Herbal Teabags - I am just recovering from a cold, so it's super important to have some non-dairy drinks available on holiday. Nettle, peppermint and chamomile are my current favourites. Yum!
- Next Skinnies - my new skinny jeans from Next fit so perfectly, I won't be leaving the house without them packed in my suitcase!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! Don't eat too much chocolate...;)