Thursday, 12 March 2009

Taylor Momsen Celeb Style

I keep seeing pictures everywhere of Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen looking super trendy.

She seems to love a rock chic kind of look, mixing flirty with hardcore. A bit of leather with a bit of chiffon. She has gorgeous hair too, which is why she always looks totally up-to-date. If you want such a chic look, get a good edgy haircut with a fab colour. Oh, and don't forget the eyeliner and some nude lip gloss which are her staple makeup essentials it seems!

Janet Mayer/PR Photos

This outfit that she wore to the Fall 2009 Fashion Week in NYC was amazing. The shoe boots are awesome, and I love that she is always out with her gorgeous pale skin, not wearing loads of fake tan like some celebs. I would be so worried about wearing this dress though, not only is it super expensive, but its white...a recipe for disaster. Well done Taylor for not ruining your dress!

The fashion week front row were all amazingly styled and preened this year. Its great that its always cold at Fashion Week so they can layer up, and have so many more style options to choose from. I am completely in love with winter generally, as its such a chance for hats, gloves, coats, cardigans, and my favorite thing!