Thursday, 19 March 2009

Summer Sandal Dilemma

Hiya readers,

So, the new Next directory for Summer 2009 has come online, and so as a dutiful shopper, I browsed through the entire selection.

There's so much stuff in there that I want this season, I am torn between two pairs of almost identical black skinny jeans, one pair are ankle grazers (am not sure if being nearly 6" means that the cropped look should look amazing or hideous?!)

The next question is between all of the different pretty sandals they have in stock. All totally gorgeous, and given I am travelling to both Greece and Italy in about two months time, I need to be prepared. As well as taking my Birkenstocks and some Accessorize black flip-flops - the only place to buy flip flops from in my opinion - I thought some pretty sandals might be in order.

But...which ones to buy?

There are the incredibly cute gold T-bar strapped ones, which would glam anything up, wouldn't they?

And then, there's the white pair of patent jewelled sandals, which just seem to say stylish, chic and WEAR ME!

Go onto the Next website to see about a million other pairs of shoes which are all fabulous, and the heels this season are incredible as well!