Saturday, 7 March 2009


I just had to share with you all my new skincare find as it's so amazing! Best find ever!

Sudocrem is actually a barrier cream for babies, but it works really well as an overnight mask facial treatment too. Its antiseptic as well as being a moisturiser, but it sits on top of your skin rather than clogging it, so its good for oily skin. It actually says on the packaging that it is suitable for treating acne...awesome!

So, what I now do each week is to cleanse my face completely, with skincare wipes and then rose water on some cotton wool. Then I put on the Sudocrem, which takes a bit of massaging to actually work it into the skin, and still leaves you with a ghostly white face at night. Then I tie my long hair back, and head for bed. I wake up the next morning, when its disappeared, and cleanse and tone to remove any traces of the product.

Its good for sensitive skin, as its for babies, and therefore doesn't contain anything that the company seems unsuitable for little ones, which is comforting. Plus its a really well established company, who have been around for years, so they stand the test of time.

Its a brilliant anti-inflammatory too, healing the skin from redness, which is great if your face is breaking out, or has just broken out and feels irritated.

You can buy it in loads of places, its pretty commonly found in the baby section of superstores, next to baby wipes (which are also good makeup removers).

Plus, the best thing is that its super cheap too!

But, I wouldn't recommend using it all the time, as skin seems to build up a tolerance to some ingredients, and stop working effectively. Perhaps once or twice a week is perfect, but it will depend on you and your skin type.

Have fun trying this product!