Monday, 30 March 2009

Fake Tan vs Pale Skin

So, I recently purchased a whole bunch of Fake Bake products, that were for my course but I have started off by trying them on myself (totally wise, huh?)

I have found the Fake Bake products fairly easy to use, in comparison to other self tanners. The prep products are excellent; thats the Passion Fruit Body Polish and the Oil Free Moisturiser.

I tried both the Fair and the Original products, and have had much better results from the Fair than I expected. Have a look at these photos and see what you reckon...I used the Fair on my face and the Original on my legs:

I think they both give a pretty natural looking tan, but it was still tricky to get it even in a lot of places, and there were so many places it was difficult to get to.

Fake Bake is good, but I think that a spray tan is far better, and easier. Unless of course you want a golden glow all year round, and not for a one off. In which case, Fake Bake might be the way forward. Oh, and you can buy it from for a really good price, with free delivery to most parts of the world!