Friday, 13 March 2009

Asos Charm Necklace

This is totally gorgeous, and will go with any outfit. Super stylish and very uptown. Perfect to pair with a very minimal outfit, something monochrome, or just one simple block colour. Its so cute, it would probably go with anything. I love Asos for lots of unique finds, for different clothing styles too.

Teaming it with a black jumpsuit would be so on trend. As well as some chunky black heels, in mock croc. Or how about mixing it with a black wrap dress and big leather boots for winter, as well as a pair of cable knit wrist warmers (I got mine from Jack Wills, preppy and a sexy colour).

Don't forget some light day makeup, as this bold statement necklace needs some definite contouring and defining. A little bit of kohl eyeliner, some foundation, Nars blush and glossy lip balm.