Thursday, 12 October 2006

Diabetes Volunteers - Make A Difference

I was thinking the other day about how much I wanted to help out in the diabetic community, about how in some places there is very little support for diabetics and how I think things should be changed for the better. Firstly I want to say that if you have any opinions or views you would like to share, then please mention them by leaving a comment, it would be greatly appreciated.

After going to my doctors appointment to have a check-up recently, it struck me how many people there are who would benefit from extra help. For example, how good would it be to get more nutrition advice, as I know from personal experience how big a difference this can make. Also, how about setting up a partner link, where you call a nurse every week or month with your blood glucose readings, in order to keep yourself more accountable. I don't know about you, but I keep greater tabs on my health when I know I have an appointment soon. How about just having a small community group to bounce ideas off and share stories with to make you feel less alone? I know you guys reading this will also have other ideas, but I just wanted to mention the few I have come up with.

Do you think there needs to be greater support for type 1 diabetics?

Also, for those of you that read this who are active in the diabetic community, it would be great to know how you do this and to what extent?