Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Diabetes Skincare

Another complication that may pass unnoticed in those with diabetes is poor skin and a poor ability to heal. I find that when I have poor control wounds take longer to heal, and most frustatingly my skin gets more pimples. The only way to deal with this really is to gain better control, and it is a really good incentive.

Other ways in which to aid poor skin condition is proper treatment. I worked for a skincare company recently and therefore have ideas on how to keep your skin at its best condition:

- For wounds, use some vitamin E oil. This is great for helping the skin to heal better. You can eat more foods containing vitamin E (wheat germ, oats, sardines, nuts, egg yolk, leafy green vegetables) or you can rub vitamin E oil directly onto or around the wound.

- For body skincare, try a thick body moisturiser, such as Neals Yard or Dr Hauschka. I would recommend organic and natural products, as these contain only natural beneficial ingredients. Spread this all over your body so that your body can stay moisturised. There are also products like this for men, which can be very beneficial for the skin.

- For facial skincare, use a daily routing of cleansing and moisturising. Also, I would recommend changing your pillowcase every day, as this reduces infection very well (which is the means by which pimples spread). You can finds loads of products online that will help your skin.

The most important thing with keeping your skin at its best condition is to keep your levels in check, never substitute this for creams and lotions.