natural beauty

i've been into natural and organic beauty products since the day i looked at the back of the packages in The Body Shop, where i used to work in my later teenage years. i was shocked to see that the products we had that were marketed as a more 'wholesome' or 'eco' brand were in fact loaded with chemicals on the ingredients list!

if you've never looked at your packaging, now is the time! you'll be surprised.

anyhow, i began university and left The B.S. ... and started to get acne on my face, around my hairline and around my jaw in particular. by my last years at university it became really bad, and i started to properly look for a solution. it seemed that the natural products i had been experimenting with had been contributing to the problem, with their thick oily formulas (thankfully there are now lots of lovely modern formulations that are much lighter!)

so, after rather a lot of searching for an answer, i hit upon a solution, or rather several solutions. which i go into detail about on my YouTube channel, and have saved several helpful videos into an Acne Skincare Advice playlist for you, if you're interested.

these days i limit the amount of products i use on rotation, because i know that my skin works better when i don't switch products too often (unlike my hair).

i stick to lighter formulas and oil-free organic options - although i do love using brands like Living Libations who use very high quality oils from time to time, or to cleanse.

and i LOVE trying new makeup products from new gorgeous organic and natural beauty brands.

one of my favourite things ever is to try new products and review them on my YouTube channel because i love to save other people money, and swatches on other people is THE easiest way to know if a shade will be right on you or not.

i don't own lots of makeup, i like to keep it minimal. and if i do spend a lot of money on a product then you can guarantee it's either had a really good recommendation from a friend on instagram or i've gone through all the blogs ever written on that shade to see it swatched. i hope i can do more swatches for you on this blog to help too!

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