food and travel

i love to travel! i adore learning about new cultures and cuisines, and i think you can tell so much about a country by the food that they eat - it's history, it's attitude, it's atmosphere.

so, here's a brief look at some of the places i've travelled to over the course of this blog (click for the relevant posts, beautiful pictures and a look at what i ate!)...

it's not always healthy travel foods, but it is always genuine. it's not always traditional, but it is always authentic. it depends on who i go with, and where i go as to what sort of foods i choose to eat... some people are more adventurous when it comes to exploring new tastes than others - and some places you just need a local to guide you around.

one of my favorite places that i've ever been is greece - they work with ingredients in a totally different way, and their traditional foods are jam packed with flavour. moussaka, fish & seafood, feta, hummus, thick yogurt, honey, strong coffee, olives, lamb, spanakopita - there are so many tastes i just absolutely's a very aromatic country!