Wednesday, 30 March 2022

modibodi and my moon cycle

hello gorgeous friend. today's post is really important to me, it's been on my mind for a long time, and i'm extremely happy that it's finally out of my head and into the ether. for you to take into your life, to help i hope. 

let's start by going back in time, to my first period. i was sixteen, it was a long wait, i was one of the last and i was so excited. i started with pads and never really left. i liked the convenience (for the most part), and i liked that i didn't really have to get to know my body any better. my only other option was tampons, and i did not want to figure out how to do that. 

i've always seen the whole thing as a nuisance. each month at some point i would bleed for a week, but for a long time it was really sporadic. which meant i couldn't plan swim dates or spa dates, and had whole holidays abroad in the heat where i wouldn't wear a swimsuit or white clothes. i used to be so bitter about all the things i would have to cancel. i would rail against this expectation that 'that' part of being a woman 'shouldn't get in the way' of your life. that we ought to take a (magic) pill and just carry on regardless, pretend it wasn't happening and hope that dictating our hormones didn't harm us in any way long term. or at least that's what most people did... i hope that expectation shifts. i hope more people embrace a quiet week once a month, allow themselves to say 'no' when they need to, not be embarrassed or shamed, and plan their lives around their periods instead of the other way around.

it's such a full subject, with so much emotion. i am so sorry if you've suffered in any way with your periods, i know lots of people do. and i've struggled with a variety of them too. 

fast forward in my story to last year, when i finally started my period again after the birth of my daughter, and i finally got my first pair of period underwear. it was LIFE CHANGING. well, at least it was "period changing". 

instead of changing every few hours and worrying about leaks, instead of thinking of that ripping sound of a pad in a public toilet, instead of wondering if i'd remembered to bring spares with me, i could just stop worrying.

now i just change before bed, sometimes in the morning too, rinse and wash once a day, and that's it. i actually love the fact it connects me more with my body, and is just a much more modern version of what women have been doing for centuries. 

in the last few years i've come to start tracking my cycle, watching when my period arrives and leaves, but also tracking my cervical mucus so i know what's normal (this is a useful guide if you're not sure where to begin). i also love following the work of Dr Aviva Romm, who discusses the women's cycle as the 6th vital sign and a key indicator of your health and wellbeing - read her article here. i love learning the science of it. 

i've also come to understand that my cycle doesn't follow the calendar, instead it follows the moon. in fact, each month i start my flow on the day after the full moon. how crazy cool is that? there are various apps you can use to follow your cycle, but simple pen and paper works well too. the more you get to know what's normal for you, the more you'll understand your body and can work with it, instead of against it. to lean into the sad and the happy, the low and high energy times, and start to enjoy it instead of resent it.

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