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the latest & greatest eco disposable nappies

today i’m writing another post about eco-disposable nappies for you. i really hope this can help you navigate the world of eco nappies, so you can buy with more confidence and understanding.

if you haven’t yet read my first blog on the subject do go and read, because in that post i flesh out a little more about why i choose eco disposables, i talk about how regular nappies take 450 YEARS to decompose, and how any option is better than that, especially as we go through 8 million nappies a day. i also say that cloth is far more superior than these ‘eco’ throw-aways, but that sometimes your sanity is more important than perfection. i reviewed Bambo Nature, Kit & Kin, Moltex and eco by Naty.

so let’s talk about the different brands i’ve recently tried…

(quick note – the price per nappy in this blog post is based on a size 3 nappy)

1. Mama Bamboo * - these i love because they're so soft and the fit is fantastic. they have a wetness indicator, which is really handy and lovely to see in an eco nappy. they're chlorine free, and breathable.

the best thing about Bamaboo nappies is that 80% will biodegrade in 2 years! also the packaging is compostable. and they've been awarded best disposable nappy by Mother & Baby.

they're a little bit harder to find, but if you get home deliveries from Ocado each week, then they're the perfect choice for you. you can also get a subscription from their website, which brings the price down from 28.5p per nappy to 22.8p.

they're made in China, and they are proud of it. and they also mention that they ship by sea freight to save on the environmental detriment to air shipping (although the reality is that it's probably a fairly marginal difference). it's good that they're clear about where they're made, because not all of the companies are.

2. Beaming Baby - these are my least favourite of the bunch. partially because it's a company that's been going for so long and the price is so high at 31.6p per nappy, that my expectations were really high.

these were the least soft, and in fact, i'd say the back part is positively hard. they're made of cotton, which is arguably a less eco option too. the fit as well wasn't the best for my little girl. AND it is difficult to tell when she's full in them, as they don't really expand, and there's no wetness indicator, so leaks happened.

they are however 77% biodegradable in 4 years, come in sizes 1-6, and are infused with chamomile.

did i also say that their website needs a major update? so hard to navigate... and they're made in Mexico, so there's the shipping to consider.

3. Muumi - these were the most expensive of the lot at 31.9p per nappy, but my husband's and my brother's favourite of the lot. partly because they have a moomin on the front, and partly because they're really reliable and absorbent, and truly a good overnight 12-hr nappy option.

there are no chemicals or allergens. and the company has the Nordic eco swan label, so the company adhere to responsible manufacturing policies. they are made in Finland from cellulose fibre, made from the trees in the forests in Finland, and they're also FSC certified, and use renewable hydro power in their production.

they are wrapped in biodegradable bags, and you can really easily get them on Amazon. they also come in size 1-7.

4. Mum & You - these were recommended by a reader of mine, and i'm so glad to have tried them. they are the best price of the lot, at 23p per nappy, and with the option of a subscription bringing them down to 18.6p per nappy.

they are free from dyes, lotions and chorine. they come in different designs within each packet, which they call 'nappychat' because you have something different to talk with your baby about each time you put one on.

they have a biodegradable core, but otherwise their website states nothing about how long it will take, or the percentage that will degrade - the lack of clarity on this is concerning, as it shows that the eco factor isn't their main priority. however, the packaging is made of sugarcane, and they're made of wood pulp (which is pretty soft). but they are made in the UK! the only one that is.

they performed ok, but i think i got the size too big to try really - sizing is so tricky with nappies, as each company has a different weight for each size type!

5. - these really surprised me! they are 90% compostable in 2 years, which is incredible (the city of Toronto would be proud!) they cost 25.9p per nappy, so one of the cheapest i tried this time round, and they're easy to get on Amazon.

they only come in sizes 1-5, and are also made in China. but they have a really easy to navigate website, and are made of 100% bamboo.

the reason they are so compostable is because there are no tabs on the front of the design, it's just one flat panel, and it fits really well, it's a beautiful clean design.

now, let me quickly tell you the price per nappy for the brands i reviewed last time, based now on a size 3, bought in 2020, just so you can compare them all equally:
Bambo Nature – 18.2p per nappy
Kit & Kin – 23.3p per nappy (subscription available)
Moltex – 19.1p per nappy
Naty – 19.8p per nappy


i loved trying most of these nappies! but we'll still be sticking with Bambo Nature for now, simply because they are so much cheaper.

it's so hard to work out which is the most eco, because it depends on your priorities and you have to weigh up what's important to you - shipping and where it's manufactured, how it's made, what it's made of, how it's packaged, how available it is to you, what size you need...

so, i hope this helps in some way toward helping you make a decision. please let me know in the comments what you think of these brands, and let me know if you use them!

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*gifted item – these nappies were sent to me from the company.

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