Thursday, 6 December 2018

how to refresh curly hair - 2nd day curls

one of the most important things to figure out (and also one of the easiest) when you start the curly girl method is how to fix those wonky and frizzy 2nd and 3rd day curls. and so i'm letting you in on my secrets today, about which products i use and all of my tips to achieving a great curly hair refresh. at the end of this post is a video i created for my YouTube channel so you can actually see the process unfold.

firstly, let me start by saying that when i started the curly girl method i didn't even attempt to refresh my curls, i just took one look at them and wrote them off, thinking they couldn't be saved, instead i put my hair up in a ponytail or pulled back with some grips... i didn't realise how easy it would be to rescue the frizzy mess, so i didn't try.

i do still very often put my hair up in some way, especially when i'm in a rush and want to get out the door pretty fast. because however "quick" a refresh is, you still need to wait for your hair to dry.

there are also days when a refresh isn't necessary, all i do is shake my hair at the roots and scrunch a little with dry hands and it regains its curls from the previous day - i think it depends how hard i slept and whether i was tossing and turning in the night... also, i tend to put my hair up in a pineapple to sleep, which helps it keep the curl a little better.

so, how do i refresh...

1. shake the hair from the roots and scrunch.

2. if time allows, leave the hair to settle for 30minutes (sometimes it's enough to let the curls sit naturally back in the right place).

3. assess the situation, feel the hair. does it need a refresh all over? can you just refresh the back? does it just need a couple of bits twisted and clipped?

4. using a spray bottle (regular - US/UK , continuous spray - US/UK) generously spritz with plain water on either the whole head or the part that needs refreshing. if it feels dry, add a small amount of styling cream to your hands and scrunch that in on the dry parts. if it feels like it might need a bit more hold for the day, add a tiny amount of gel to your hands and scrunch that into the ends.

5. spray a little water on your hands and scrunch your hair until the curls are looking just as you'd like. if the curls are not returning as you scrunch, add a little more water.

6. if you have time to air dry, then simply clip at the roots around your crown with double-pronged clips (US/UK) and wait for the hair to dry, or diffuse on a low heat setting using a pulsing technique until 80% dry - see video below - and then root clip and leave until it is completely dry.

7. once dry the hair will likely feel crispy from the gel/products you applied the day before. so, scrunch out the crunch with dry hands or a dry cotton t-shirt. and make sure to give your roots a really good shake.

8. at this point, consider if the hair looks frizzy at all, if so, add a couple of drops of your favourite hair oil (mine is Rose Hair Elixir from The Innate Life) to your hands and then rub your hands together thoroughly and distribute through your hair before scrunching it in.

9. enjoy your hair all day!

extra notes:
 - i find that mixing any conditioner into my water spritz will weigh my hair down too much, so i don't do this, but a lot of people find that this works for their hair type.
 - everyone has a different hair type and lifestyle so the way i refresh may not work for you...
 - i tend to use the same styling products i used during wash day if i need a little extra gel or cream, just to make sure that all the products are working together and not weighing your hair down.
 -  i only use oil on the day before i wash it, which is usually the 3rd day, but if i've had a bad wash day experimenting with new products or combinations then i will use oil on the 2nd day and wash one the 3rd instead of refreshing again.
 - if it all goes wrong, then the Scunci hair clips (US/UK) are my best friend - they help to keep the dodgy hair off my face without disrupting the curl pattern.
 - the longer i've been doing CGM the easier a refresh is for me, but also the fewer the amount of refreshes i do, because the curls are stronger and they survive being slept on. so it does get easier with time.
 - my favourite diffuser is the Gama Professional Diffuser which you can purchase from Amazon (US/UK)

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