Thursday, 2 August 2018

seeking nature & finding the woodland pigs

this morning i woke up with some energy, which for me is actually a pretty rare occurrence. and because the sun was shining right along with me i decided that little IJ and i should go out for the morning. nowhere too far, somewhere that would be relaxing and calming, and i've been so envious of my brothers trip to Sweden (see his instagram) that i needed to be in BEAUTY so badly today. 

so i settled on a trip to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens - reasonably close to where we live, and also not somewhere with too many "kiddy" distractions - it's cultivated of course but it's not designed for children so it's very peaceful for both of us. 

one of my favourite things ever is to walk around beautiful gardens, see the flowers up close, smell them, listen to the buzz of the insects, walk in the shade of giant trees. it nurtures my soul, reminds me of how intricately made our planet is, and gives me vitality and energy... 

the whole morning actually went pretty well, given we got there at 10:30 and left at 1pm, and we didn't take the pushchair at all! he walked almost entirely the whole way by himself, up steps and up hills, through woodlands and on paths. i was a VERY proud mama today. he didn't moan and i honestly think he loved it in the same way as i did, because he was also calmed and relaxed by the whole experience. 

there were a couple of times that he fussed and then we just ate a little cake, or drank a little juice and carried on. there are a lot of things to distract a toddler, like woodland pigs or some beautiful sculpture, and that helps to keep them moving! i was so thankful there wasn't a massive play-park to distract him in a fake way from the amazing play-park that was the entire garden, where he could watch fish and walk down cute hidden pathways, or tangle himself up in giant bamboo.

so, i wanted to share the photos i took with you, because i hope they can transport you in some way, so you can enjoy some of the beauty that we did too - and maybe it'll inspire you to get to some sort of garden near you.

also, it's surprising how far a 2 year old will walk to go and see pigs! we travelled the whole length of the estate to find them, and he almost didn't want to leave..,

so, i hope you enjoyed reading! let me know where your favourite gardens are to visit with your toddler, because we'd love to visit more all over the country x

ps. this sort of follows on in a genuinely accidental way to my most recent blog post about things to do to pass the time with your toddler! sometimes you just have to get in the car and have an outing, and today i was so glad we did seize the moment.

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