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chocolate truffle tart for breakfast | gluten free, refined sugar free

this is one of those blog posts where i'm really writing things down for the sake of my own memory, because this tart is delicious! and i want to be able to make it again...

yesterday afternoon i was just in the mood to bake something, and i had a load of chocolate in the cupboard - good chocolate that needn't be wasted, and needed to be celebrated. and i'd been in the mood for a chocolate tart like i used to get down at the patisserie when we lived in Brussels. and i managed to make one!!

chocolate truffle tart
makes 1 large tart, serves 10

for the crust
a handful of dried dates
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1/2 a large banana or 1 small banana
3/4 cup oats
a sprinkle of sea salt
approx 1 cup buckwheat flour (or other flour)

for the filling
200g dark chocolate
2 tbsp coconut sugar
1 can coconut milk (the creamy bit not the watery bit)
drizzle vanilla extract
a sprinkle of sea salt
2 egg whites

coconut shreds, for topping (optional)

1. pit the dates and put them in a bowl and cover them over with boiling hot water for 10-15 mins to soften them.
2. pour off the water from the dates and add them to a blender, with the coconut oil and banana. blend until totally smooth. 
3. add in the oats and sea salt and blend again until smooth.
4. put the paste into a bowl and add buckwheat flour until the mixture is not sticky any more and you can roll it with a rolling pin. it will depend on what type of dates you use, the size of your banana and what type of flour you use as to how much you will need, so go slowly until you have the right consistency. 
5. roll the pastry dough out into a circle and place/press into a tart pan.
6. bake in a preheated oven (180c/350f) for 10 minutes or until cooked through and slightly golden at the edges. remove from the oven and let cool.
7. place a pyrex bowl over a pan shallowly filled with 1 inch of water. add your chocolate and sift in the coconut sugar. bring the pan of water to a medium temperature, almost a simmer but not too hot or else you could burn the chocolate - slow is good! (mine took 20mins or so)
8. once thoroughly melted and incorporated (the sugar will still look quite grainy at this stage) add in the vanilla extract, sea salt and the creamy coconut milk and whisk until very smooth. 
9. separate your eggs if you haven't already and whisk the egg whites in a bowl until they form stiff peaks. 
10. fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture. then pour this mixture into the prepared pastry crust. sprinkle over any toppings you so desire (i used coconut shreds) and then place in the fridge to set for 2 hours or overnight.
11. enjoy!!

cook's notes:
 - to separate your coconut milk more easily, pop it in the fridge and then the cream will harden and be really easy to separate. otherwise pour slowly and do not shake the can before doing so, and it should be easy enough to stop pouring once you see the coconut water at the bottom.
 - you could also substitute soy cream for the coconut milk.
 - to make this vegan, simply omit the egg whites and it is still a very light and delicious mousse! (and arguably more similar to the original Belgian version)

this is a really light and fluffy mousse-like texture, and actually would be delicious without the crust too served in individual ramekins - it would be a great chocolate cream pie filling too topped with whipped coconut cream and bananas! this is such a versatile mousse.

and i did eat it for breakfast today! because of the high amount of dark chocolate in it, there's a fair amount of caffeine, so it makes a good morning treat - there's even a version of this in my old breakfast cookbook in the brunch section ;)

thankfully my little Buds doesn't really like dark chocolate yet, so even though he tried a mouthful it came back out again - i'm so proud of him for always trying, i hope that always stays!

thanks for reading x

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