Monday, 25 June 2018

an adventure to corsica

hello dearest reader! last week my mum, my boy and i went on a trip to Corsica, which is an island off the coast of France/Italy. mum had actually had it booked for ages to go by herself, but given recent events, we sort of ended up deciding that Buds and i would go with her... and given we'd also spent the previous four weeks basically trapped in the house with our bathroom being remodelled, we were so excited to get out!

Corsica is somewhere i've wanted to visit ever since i heard about it as a holiday destination a couple of years ago. and it didn't disappoint as a holiday destination, in fact, it reminded me a lot of my visits to Fiji and Hawaii, because of its relaxed island vibes. there are a lot of beautiful sandy beaches, a lot of marinas full of boats and lots of markets with local produce. there are also a lot of herds of animals roaming across roads, with no obvious sign of the farmer guiding them - which i find both cute and a sign of how relaxed the industry side of things is there.

we ended up staying in two locations, both of which were based on the east of the island, within 45 mins of the airport. firstly, in Bravone...

the beach at Bravone was lovely, and not too busy, although we didn't go at peak season (end of July and all of August). the sea would've been lovely to go in for a swim, but my boy isn't really a huge fan of the beach yet - he gets upset by sand and the sounds of the ocean, he always has. but i was proud of him that day because he walked by himself the whole way up the beach and back almost all of the way too.

but at the beach we got bitten to pieces by bugs, and this was on the first day - annoyingly i had Googled "are there mosquitoes on Corsica?" before leaving and decided i didn't need to bring my repellent with me... i need to go and put new answers in those forums because there definitely are bugs in Corsica! we ended up buying something in a pharmacy up the road the day after. i feel like such a Brit because i just don't know how to deal with bugs well - mum and i kept saying that we should've brought marmite because eating that is supposed to ward them off?!

the place we stayed was almost like paradise, it was gorgeous, lovely pool, cute animals, stunning garden for my little one to run around in, there was even a patisserie van at 7:45 each morning with fresh produce. and these sheets, look at them...

we spent a lot of time feeding the goats, swimming in the pool and running around the flower garden.

unfortunately, i contracted some sort of horrendous stomach bug just two days into the trip, which put me out completely for a whole day, and then i was weakened for the rest of the trip. but we still made the most of it! and i praise God for my mother being so helpful in looking after my boy when i was unable to.

on the Wednesday we drove an hour south to Pinarello - a lovely long beach near Porto Vecchio. we watched the kite surfers in the water, going back and forth and fast and slow.

half way through the trip we moved ourselves to an AirBnB in the footsteps of the mountains. we enjoyed a little more space to move around, as well as aircon and good wifi, and we got to have several long evenings full of deep discussions.

we went for walks down the little lane, looking at the abundance of beautiful wildflowers, and all the smells of the island.

and one day we decided to brave the terrifying cliff-edge roads in our rental car and drive further into the mountains through Cervione (stopping to play in a cute playpark) - eventually stopping at a reservoir to take in its beauty and vastness. there was no-one around, and it was so peaceful and majestic.

instead of beaches we took the little one to see boats instead, and he loved it. it seems a lot of guys were just chilling on their boats in the afternoon, and we also got to see a boat come in and attempt to pull in by the jetty. it's nice to see a harbour full of boats that people actually use, rather than ones that are too big and not used enough. there was life in the harbour, is what i mean, and i've only really seen that in a couple of harbours in the south of england in summer months. i kind of wish i was more of a boat person.

let me just say that i want to go back to Corsica again one day! it really is a stunning island, and i just wish that circumstances had been different and i had felt much better throughout the trip. or, as i'm clearly not a 30c/85f woman, perhaps we will consider exploring it around easter time when it's cooler but still sunny. and also perhaps when my boy decides that beaches and sandcastles are cool ;)

we ended the holiday by saying that we wished we'd had one more week in our house because we were just about getting into our groove and relaxing together. it really was important for us to get out of our regular routines and look at how we are doing with things and give some time to reflection.

anyhow, any questions you have, please don't hesitate to ask! thank you for reading, and i hope this inspires you x

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