Wednesday, 4 April 2018

our family holiday in mallorca

we've just come back from our week-long trip to the beautiful island of Mallorca, and although i've already shared a vlog of the trip over on my YT channel, i wanted to share some photos of the trip here too... just like old times.

♥  when we arrived at the hotel, i was blown away with how beautiful it was - for the price we were paying, we were getting a lot! we stayed at the Inturotel Sa Marina in Cala d'Or - i would recommend it

food in Mallorca is OK, it's definitely different than Spanish food, but also it is influenced by it. and there's also an influence from outsiders too, so things like meat pie is a big thing, as are croissants - so it's a bit of a melting pot in a way - which i guess is just the nature of a sunny island. below is a pic of a dulce de leche croissant - really really sweet!

the beaches and coves are DIVINE. clear and sparkling blue water - the stuff of dreams. such perfection.

much of the coast is lined with boats, both pleasure yachts and fishing boats - and it's really set up for being an island that spends a lot of time on the water.

one of the cutest 'tourist' things we did was to go to Artestruz, an ostrich farm. and we got to feed the ostriches as well as just learn more about them - did you know that they can run at 80mph, and that they have the biggest eyes known to man?

on Good Friday, we went into Palma, the capital. we saw the Passion of the Christ performed on the street - or well, we saw part of it, because it was quite slow and in Spanish, and we couldn't get a good view so the toddler got quite bored and upset. but we enjoyed the bit we did see!

one night we partook in the buffet dinner at the hotel, and it did not disappoint! the seafood was especially excellent - i ate my first razor clam! (pretty much the same as a regular clam)

we also enjoyed some tapas one day: goats cheese, baked squid, spicy squid, manchego, croquettes - standard mallorquin fare.

the view from our room was gorgeous, watching the sunset each evening from our balcony with a glass of wine, snuggled under a blanket - it was the most relaxing evenings the husband and i have spent together in a long time.

last but not least, we spent an afternoon driving up Sant Salvador and enjoying the view from on high - the ride up was a little unnerving as i'm not a huge fan of edges of things, but the view was worth it!

overall, the holiday was THE most relaxing we've ever had, the weather was great (17-23c at the end of March!) and the scenery was stunning! we will definitely be going back... maybe next Easter again.

if you want to see what we packed for the trip, don't miss out on my last post.

thanks for reading! have you been to Mallorca? would you like to?

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