Saturday, 3 March 2018

neek skin organics vegan, natural lipstick : a review

a few weeks ago i was on the search for lispticks... i decided that i wanted to start wearing it, mostly to make myself feel more glamorous and confident stepping out with my natural curly hair. the key to glamour i feel is to at least have one element well done, either great makeup or perfect hair. and so, as someone whose hair goes a little frizzy most days and quite ratty other days, i figure that a bold lip will make that "undone" hair look seem purposeful.

enter me emailing Neek PR to see if i could try some of their lipsticks - it was reviewed pretty well by a few of my favourite instagrammers and so i wanted to try it out. unfortunately/fortunately they sent me their two newest shades to try out... "kiss me, kiss me" and "mystify".

"kiss me, kiss me" is this really bright bold pink shade, that i was sure would look terrible on me, because i don't normally suit pink, but actually looks half way to decent. i think it's because the formulation is SOOO very nice.

it's sheer, smooth, not too creamy. goes on easily without the need for lip liner, and so is a great every day lippy. it's also "buildable", so you can have a little bit for a little accent of colour, or pop on a few layers to make the colour pop out really strong. in the below pics of it i've just applied one simple layer, and this is me in natural light with zero edits to the pics, so you can really see what it looks like...

the only thing i didn't really like was that it was a bit too 'frosty' for me, because of it's gloss finish. so although the colour looks great in pictures, the actual finish in real life was a bit too cold for me - i really prefer something that brings softness to the face.

the next thing to mention is the packaging - which i love! so seriously cute in their little bamboo tubes. you'd feel very proud to get this out of your purse and feel lovely every time you applied it.

the next shade "mystify" is a brown lipstick - but actually i think, because of the formulation, is actually pretty wearable on lots of skin tones, including my pale english freckly face. 

it has a different finish to the pink because it's a satin finish formulation, so it softens the face and doesn't look too harsh. which makes this lippy the one i will keep of the two and use from time to time when i want a darker lip. and the photos aren't bad either...

actually i kept this lippy on that day, and it wore really well throughout the afternoon/evening - here's a pic of me with a change of clothes, but the lippy still on...

i actually think the BEST thing about the Neek lipsticks is that, when you're wearing them you can't really feel that they're there, so the colour stays on a really long time. it feels worth the money.

and well, it's £15.99 a pop, which is cheaper than Kjaer Weis or Ilia or RMS. but more expensive than some of my other natural faves like Benecos. BUT, it's vegan, 100% natural (most cannot say that!) and has shea butter, jojoba oil and avocado oil to nourish the lips whilst you wear it.

here is a swatch of both on my wrist, kiss me kiss me on the left and mystify on the right:

you can see HOW sheer it is, and how different the colour looks on than in the tube.

anyhow, if you'd like to see the rest of their range and maybe make a purchase, you can head on over to and buy there and read more about their ingredients and company info.

and one final note, when i had wound the pink the whole way up and tried to apply it again after this photoshoot, it snapped as i was putting it on... and there's no real way of saving it because it snapped basically right off at the base of the bullet. which sort of made my mind up about it because i wasn't that sad. so Mystify is definitely my favourite, because i would've been sad if that was the one that went.

perhaps i've got a bit of learning to do on how to look after my lipsticks... perhaps it was applied with too much pressure.

i did do a little video about all the natural lipsticks i currently have, in which you can see me try them all on and test out the different formulations. hopefully i'll manage to create a shortlist of my favourites soon! here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it yet over on my YT channel:

thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please do leave them below and i'll get back to you ASAP x

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