Tuesday, 13 March 2018

frizz-free, defined natural curls: what i use & what my routine looks like

in my recent post i talked about my curly hair journey - how i straightened my hair for years and have been on a mission to get it curly for the last few. i also shared with you some pics of what my real hair looks like and what type of curl i have.

today i want to share with you what natural and organic products i use and how i use i.them because, when you hit upon a good routine that create curls you've dreamed of for a lifetime you should not be keeping that gold dust to yourself. and i do feel like i've struck gold, i really do.

if you'd rather watch than read, then just scroll down to the bottom of this post and watch my YT video all about my tips and tricks.

so, first things first...


i am currently using, and loving my second bottles of, Calia Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner (UK/EU/US) - they are almost completely organic and filled with gorgeous ingredients like rosemary and cedarwood, which are tremendously nourishing for your hair.

i start by making my hair completely 1000% wet. and then with the shampoo (which lathers up really nicely for a natural shampoo), i simply put that into my roots and give it a really good massage all over my scalp. then i rinse it out completely and go in with the conditioner.

i take a really good amount of conditioner in my hand, flip my head upside down and finger it through my hair, making sure it coats all of it and making sure to detangle any knots as i go. then comes the fun part of beginning the all-important squishing. as if scrunching dry hair, i squish the conditioner up the length of my hair into my roots. repeating again and again until the curls look uniform and lovely. if the curls don't look hydrated enough, i add more conditioner.

at this point, your hair should be looking pretty good - you are starting to create the cast of the curl, and so you want to almost start styling it at this point. then i use the shower head and rinse the conditioner very quickly out of my roots, leaving some product in the ends. then i squish out some of the excess water before i leave the shower. i make sure to always squish with my palms facing upwards, moving the palms flat towards my scalp. watch this great video tutorial from the Real Life Curly Girl for a quick guide (love this girl).

the next step is to use a dry cotton t-shirt to blot the excess water out of your hair, being as gentle as you can, and doing it a few times but confidently. a cotton t-shirt is much gentler on your hair than a towel - i was skeptical about this for years, but when i started doing this there was obviously less frizz.

after this i add in some...


i rub a small amount all over my hands and then scrunch it into my hair - upside down of course.

and then i 'plop' my hair into the t-shirt to create a turban to help form the cast of the curl as it begins to dry, and protect it from frizz as you continue getting ready. watch a cute video of how to do 'plopping' on YT.

i've tried both the Andalou Naturals styling cream (UK/US) and the A'Kin Leave-In Conditioner (UK/US) so far, and i adore the A'Kin the most for creating strong but natural curls.

once i've done my makeup and put my clothes on, i take the t-shirt off of my head and add in some...


i rub a small amount all over my hands and scrunch it into my hair. at this point i make sure to style my hair to make sure it dries nicely. because when the gel goes on it doesn't take much longer to dry, and it will also dry pretty much exactly the same way that you style it here, so add a little more water if you need or a little more gel, and keep scrunching at different angles until you get the look you want.

i have only tried the Boucleme curl defining gel (UK/US) so far, and i really am not sure about it - it definitely makes a lovely curl but the smell isn't really my cup of tea, so i'll definitely be trying others.


and then i sometimes add in some curl clips (UK/US)  if i'm going to be letting it air dry - it helps add root volume, and also helps me to not touch my hair as it dries. and other times i will use my Gama super diffuser (UK/US) on my hair dryer, which does a lovely job of getting me out the door faster and looking more glam!


The Innate Life Rose Hair Elixir (International) - this is my absolute HG favourite product to use to scrunch out the crunch from the gel. it smells divine and works on every hair type to add shine and tame frizz (exactly what it says on the packet). it's got a fab ingredients list and you need very little to achieve the desired effect.

simply just put a few drops on your hand, rub your hands together and scrunch into your hair until the crunchiness of the gel has disappeared and your curls look incredible!


the next piece of the puzzle is really important - because it really does help to keep your hair healthy. i do a weekly treatment, and i've tried a few:
  • simply just melting coconut oil and honey together and applying this onto the ends of your hair does wonders for creating definition and keeping split ends at bay.
  • Living Libations Scalp Tonic (UK/US) - the peppermint and rosemary in this help stimulate the scalp and its easy to apply and easy to wash out. 
  • The Innate Life Scalp Treatment (International) - not my favourite, but would be good if you have problems on your scalp.
  • The Innate Life Herbal Hair Mask (International) - a lovely treatment to make your hair feel luscious.

simply apply one, leave on for 30mins to overnight, then wash out - most don't need to be washed out 100%, simply get rid of the product at the root and then rinse off the excess quickly.


 - i occasionally brush my hair - i think it's important on the day before you shower to brush, with a wooden bristle brush (UK/US), your natural oils through the length of your hair. it will add shine and boost the health of your scalp and hair follicle.

 - i sleep with my hair up in a pineapple, this is the most protective way for me to keep the hair off my face, as i am a pretty lively sleeper. i use Clear Invisibobbles (UK/US) to make sure the hair band doesn't snag my hair.

 - i use a water spray bottle (UK/US) to refresh my hair on the second day, and simply spritz it around my hairline, or anywhere the curls has gone fluffy. then i wet my hands, add in a bit more leave-in conditioner and scrunch until the curl looks good.

finally, here is the video where you can see the products closer up and in more detail, and hear me talk at length about maintaining the curls:

i know that i'm very much at the beginning of this curly girl journey and i have a long way to go. so look out for more reviews and updates on my youtube channel as well as the blog and instagram.

please do let me know your favourite tips and tricks, and if you've any favourite products you'd like to share please let me know below.

thank you so much for reading and watching! x


  1. I’ve really appreciated the info you have provided. I think my hair is of similar texture. Do you consider yourself a 3a or 3b curly girl? In other words, what do you think is your curl type? Thanks!

    1. I guess a 2c/3a is what I truly am... a wavy with some botticelli curls!


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