Friday, 9 March 2018

a close up of my REAL curls

hey dearest reader, today i want to show you all some snaps of my REAL hair...

for the longest time, let's say 10 (yes, 10!!) whole years (yes, years!!) i straightened my hair every  time i washed it. of course the straightening led to damage which led to more straightening to keep the frizz in order. but, i've been trying to turn that habit around over the past few years with mixed success. 

from the age of 11-14 i scraped my curls back into a bun every day for school, until GHDs were invented and my life changed. straight hair was easy to create and easy to maintain. my hair looked glossy and gorgeous. i felt confident each day i went in. BUT i was a slave to my straighteners and i was terrified any time it might rain (which in England is quite a lot). 

fast forward to my early twenties when i really started getting into natural beauty - i wanted so badly to get my natural curls back on track, but i really had ZERO idea of how to do that! social media wasn't so easy to navigate and google didn't seem to give me the right answers. i really needed a video to show me what to do and how to treat my curls... but i couldn't find any good ones! 

coupled with a lack of information, every time i wore my hair naturally curly i would get mixed reviews, with quite a lot of negativity from my grandmothers, who loved my curls when they looked 'done' but not when they were 'wild'. so for the most part, i started to use the straighteners to add a big bouncy curl to my hair, and did that for another several years.

fast forward to the year i met and married my husband Pete. i remember very clearly the first day he saw me with my natural curls... we were set to go out on a speed boat around a lake, and i knew we would be getting soaked, and that there also wouldn't be a place for me to 'do' my hair afterwards. i knew he would see my frizzy curls, and his reaction would mean everything for us. it sounds silly doesn't it? but i felt SO vulnerable with my natural curls on display.

his reaction was absolutely perfect. he said 'i always thought i'd marry a woman with hair just like that'.

and from that day on i've increased in confidence with my curls and i've been a lot more experimental about the different ways that i try to style it and products that i try. 

now, i wouldn't go so far as saying that i love my curls every day. but i'm getting there.

and i'm spending time actually learning about curls - for example, my hair is a mix of 2c/3a/3b curls - although i suspect in time the 2c waves will really be 3a curls... i'm learning terms like 'plopping', 'scrunch the crunch' and 'squish to condish'.

looking after long curly hair is a MISSION. and in some ways it would be easier to keep on straightening it all the time. BUT on a good curl day, i feel the most "me" i could possibly feel, the most confident and the most sexy.

so, what am i doing to keep my curls looking healthy, bouncy and frizz-free? what am i doing to promote growth and volume?

well, you'll have to read my next post for all that info!

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