Monday, 8 February 2016

milk-baked fennel with belgian sheep milk cheese

i was so excited when i stumbled across the apples under my bed blog, and this recipe particularly stuck out to me to try - milk-baked fennel. of course, i didn't want to use cows milk products, so i subbed the milk for soy and the cheese for a delicious Belgian hard sheep milk cheese called Oud.

to make this vegan you could easily sprinkle some nutritional yeast on after cooking, or you could try the ohdeardrea vegan cashew cheese recipe (super easy and super yummy).

fennel is one of those under-rated veggies, it's got so much flavour and is easy to cook up any which way you like - use it raw in salads, add it to a coleslaw, bake it, fry it, throw it in a thai curry...

this recipe will keep - i covered the half i didn't eat and popped it in the fridge overnight and enjoyed it cold the following day and it was divine.

it was delicious with potato mint salad, Swedish red cabbage and some smoked peppered mackerel - a perfect lunch, if not a little bit too filling!

the recipe is super easy and you can find it here. let me know what you think...

currently listening to: ithaca by chrysanthe tan - beautiful piece that's really relaxing (who knew 'indie classical' was a genre?)

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  1. Yippee Alissa! So glad you're back! I'm feeling inspired already! These two recipes are fantastic!


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