Wednesday, 26 March 2014

lunchbox week #08

hello lovely reader, i hope you are having a lovely day so far :)

today's post is a lunchbox post with a slight twist. there's a few more at-home lunches - i work from home 3 times a week, and on these days i usually need to whip up something quickly from the fridge. i thought you might like to see a few of these, as they usually involve yummy leftovers, and hopefully might provide some inspiration for you...

leftover thai curry with avocado and pretty pink radish sprouts

courgette spaghetti salad with sundried tomatoes, red onion and cucumber, and homemade butterbean thyme dip

herbed aubergine with mixed salad leaves, cucumber, gherkin and yellow bell pepper, with a slice of sourdough and a dollop of mayo

vegetarian ploughmans - quick and very delicious - perfect if you love to nibble...

sainsbury's freefrom chicken hotpot (a good cupboard staple for emergencies), with salad and dips

tortelloni with avocado, tomatoes, salad leaves, gherkin and vegan "cheese", and a side of marshmallows, walnuts and prunes

in the office - carrot and lentil soup with rye crispbread, an orange and some dark chocolate.

what's your favourite lunch combo at the moment?

in case you haven't already seen it - i've popped a new video up on my YouTube channel, talking about my thoughts on sex before marriage - it's had lots of lovely feedback so far, so do have a look if you're intrigued...

thanks for reading!

currently listening to: fightin away the tears by mocky - it's on my 'relaxing' playlist...


  1. Hey Alissa!
    I love your lunchboxes and they inspire my own personal lunches, thanks for sharing! Also, I was wondering, are you a true vegan now or do you just eat a lot of vegan meals? :) Thanks!

    LOVE your blog!

  2. Hi there, I tried your black bean chocolate cake the other day-- it was stupendous. I think it is probably THE signature recipe off this blog. Nice work! Just been looking at what you do and wondering whether you could do some sort of table dressing video or something? Might be nice with Easter coming up... or what about something about daily dinner styling versus dinner party style? I don't know...?! I just like the prettiness of this blog. Aurelie x x x

  3. Such a great post! Love what you created, looks delicious and I'm going to try these! Here is my latest food related post if you wanna take a look :)


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