Wednesday, 26 February 2014

smile, you are loved!

hello lovely readers! i hope you are well, happy, smiling and feeling beautiful today.

today i've got a little bit of a mish-mash of images to share with you from the past week - a little bit of an insight into my world perhaps, and obviously some of my tasty eats:

breakfast of fried egg on sourdough, with sauteed savoy cabbage, tuscan kale and sweetcorn, with a tahini dill dressing. it is an unconventional breakfast, but 'twas very tasty! #dontknockittilyouvetriedit

i went for a walk with one of my lovely friends in Salisbury, the town i grew up in. it was a lovely sunny day, and perfect for a long 2 hour ramble across the fields, with views of the spire. she's just got a new dog, a very handsome 5 month black labrador, who is very well behaved and cute.

i'm loving being a little experimental with growing things. these are some indoor hyacinths that i have been growing in jam jars by the sink. they've done quite well, and smelt divine when they first opened! ps. this was first posted on instagram, yes, that's right, i now have an instagram account!

whilst on business last week in Bath, we stopped by Mission Burrito for lunch. i ate a salad with medium hot sauce and extra guacamole...

in 2014 my gorgeous mum has been visiting us each monday for dinner, we've tried to make it regular, so that we get a good catch-up and natter about life, the universe, everything. and more often than not i've been discovering notes in my laptop a few days later... it brings me such joy!

the best lunch ever from last week - thai vegetable curry, with avocado and beautiful pink radish sprouts.

so that's my interesting weekend. didn't i tell you it would be a little bit of a mish-mash?

and so to finish this post off, if you haven't already seen this, it's my latest youtube video (i'm nearly at 5,000 subscribers to my channel!!), which has been really popular so far, and so i thought you might like a sneak peek into my porridge making skills...

thanks for reading, and watching!

currently listening to: the rich roll podcast - i'm still addicted. i have been listening on my way to and from work, catching up on the 50something podcasts he's already done. there's so many fascinating guests on there, and it's rahter convincing me that a plant-based diet is the way forward for me.


  1. Love your plates and the hyacinth is a beauty!

  2. Alissa, I am so enjoying this lovely, pretty, healthy blog. It has informed my food choices on lots of occasions! Now then, I just thought there were a coupla things missing here which you haven't covered so much yet which I'd love to hear about: a. healthy dinners- you did a few, but what about more on the family/ couple dinner time ritual- how you use that time to build your family and keep them in good health? b. dessert? I'd love to hear what desserts you make for the week and then how they might be different on the weekend (I know you're diabetic... so lots of us are trying to keep GI down for lots of reasons and thought you could give good insights on this tricky foodie subject) and c. entertaining- do you do events for bigger groups ever? oh and also d. food styling- I think your blog has got more stylish as it has gone along and I wondered if you could explain a bit more how you are making food look so funky?! Other than this I think you've pretty much got the whole great healthy food blogger thing down to a tee!! Love it! Looking forward to much more. Thanks for everything, Penny ;-) x x

  3. You look beautiful in the morning without any makeup at all.


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