Thursday, 13 February 2014

delicacies and delights of London: part 2

so, here's the much anticipated second part of my trip to London (catch up with the first part here)...

breakfast at my cousin's house was yummy (and a bit naughty) - mandarin with mum's homemade low-carb, gluten free granola and a little yoghurt, a piece of toast, mum's homemade almond brownie (divine!) and a cup of echinacea and raspberry tea.

we hopped on the tube, and went to Pimlico for a little browsing of a new neighbourhood that none of us had ever explored - and we'd heard good things about the charity shops there, as well as the cafes - what could be more perfect?

after picking up a couple of cute kids toys, and a new pair of boots for £8.25, we got back on the tube and headed for oxford street. not for the shops, but for a much anticipated visit to the new Vantra Vita Organic...

it's all vegan, lots of raw vegan food too, and all very delicious!

you can get a box or a plate, the box is £6.50 and you can fill it as high as you want, and the plate you pay for the weight. we went for the box, as it seemed like a better deal. and the food was so yummy. the chickpeas were my favourite, followed by the baby new potatoes...

we were all stuffed after demolishing our boxes, but tried our hardest to fit in some raw vegan cakes, of course! we tried one of each, strawberry, mango and chocolate.

i think my chocolate and raspberry was the best. very rich and smooth, on a bed of cocoa nibs. very yummy...

after our Vantra experience, we went to the V&A museum to browse their collections. then we went back to Le Pain Quotidien near Waterloo, for a final drink and bite to eat before we were to head back to my cousins for dinner before heading home...

Millie had a hot chocolate, and i had a glass of white wine and half of a quinoa and almond scone with ricotta and rhubarb jam. just the perfect bite after a long day's walking.

so that's our trip! it was so good to catch up with my cousin, explore some new places, share new experiences with my family and spend time in one of my favourite places.

thanks for reading! looking forward to sharing some yummy vegan lunchboxes with you soon...

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  1. alissa!!! you bloggin' legend!!! how do you find these places, huh?!!! that's what i wanna know. is there some special loop a gal has gotta get into? also, i've followed you for a while now and your foodie writing is always, like, amaaaaazing but i would like to hear a few more style bits, do u think u could do some? i think i saw comments about food styling on one of your posts and i agree that would b tres interessant to read about and also i love your pretty personal style too. there is a lot on youtube about style from back in the day but you are a woman of the world now, married n all, so i deffo agree with other peeps that it would b real cool to hear more about your evolving taste... in the non-culinary sense!! take it easy and thanks for the inspirations... D xx

    1. what a lovely comment! thanks :)

      i will try and do some style related posts for you...


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