Friday, 24 January 2014

stewed rhubarb and lunches at home

hello all! i hope you are well, and have had a productive and fun week so far...

today i'm sharing a little of what i eat when i work from home - i get that little bit more time to prep, but still want something that's quick to do and healthy. so here are some examples:

i took this photo back in autumn last year, when courgette's were flowering in our garden. this was such a tasty lunch (tomatoes, peas, raisins, homegrown salad leaves, houmous, red onion), and made even more perfect by the conscious wild at heart chocolate bar - so scrummy and healthy too.

i do love a good breakfast. i'm currently in a very serious egg phase. this was an easy-over fried egg on pesto smothered sourdough toast, with a side of mushrooms, and a bowl of stewed rhubarb with a pot of Yeo Valley yogurt, yum.

some tasty nibbly lunch, with leftovers from the weekend - there's a little pâté and cured meats in there (not my usual, but a nice treat), and the last tiny bite of a chocolate and rum flavoured Polish cake (i will have to tell you of my love and experience of Polish cakes one day)...

another crudité-style lunch with homegrown salad leaves, with a dip left from a curry, some figs (LOVE figs), some peanuts and a mug of herbal tea...

you're getting used to my style now - chopped fresh veggies and homegrown salad leaves, topped with sprinkled sunflower and pumpkin seeds, red pepper houmous and stewed apples with yogurt on the side.

so deeee-licious!

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed sneaking a peek at my tasty eats.

...and don't forget to check out my latest video on YouTube:

currently listening to: happy by pharell williams - can't help but dance and smile!

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