Wednesday, 9 October 2013

courgette flowers and cherubim chocolate

good day! i hope you are well.

this weekend was our first wedding anniversary :) Pete did a lovely job of spoiling me - he took me for dinner at the Chesil Rectory in Winchester, and to a wine tasting space called The Black Bottle. then the following day we went for amazing breakfast (a proper veggie fry-up), and a walk along the beach front at Mudeford - the sun shone tremendously and i breathed in every ounce of fresh sea air.

unfortunately, there aren't any photos. but i do have photos from my week, which i hope makes up for it! so here are my latest eats and treats:

a simple, delicious and nutritious breakfast - spinach and a little homegrown sorrel, eggs, avocado and a tiny slice of toasted sourdough - perfection.

a simple dinner - smoked salmon, defrosted frozen veg, and bread for the husband - all sprinkled with a little dukkah (it just makes everything better)

cherubim chocolates - i came across Cherubim when we were on holiday, and then had more sent to me to test out the flavours. it's beautiful raw chocolate - with added carob and lucuma, which give it an amazing taste, and sweetened only with agave. i can't decide if i prefer rose otto with crystalised rose petals or pepperment with cocoa nibs. yummy! these are definitely added to my christmas list (for me as well as my family!)

bean burgers are the perfect dinner - i made these with a little grated courgette and some smashed crackers - so easy and so tasty (fancy the recipe?)

we've still got some courgettes and courgette flowers from our borders - i love the flowers ripped up on top of salads to give a little extra sunshine.

i'd like to grow a few more things next year. i have to say though that i'll stick with low maintenance plants... courgette, herbs and salad leaves have been productive and tasty this year with very minimal effort :) do you have any suggestions?

just in case you aren't a subscriber on my YT channel, i thought i'd add in my latest video, which features my favourites things from September, including the delicious Cherubim Chocolate!

thanks for watching and reading!

currently listening to: silver lining by kacey musgraves (i heard her sing on the Jools Holland show and thought her voice was gorgeous)


  1. I had no idea courgette flowers were edible! What a great idea. For low maintenance, onions and carrots are pretty easy, as is rhubarb. Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Canada!

  2. Alissa could you pls fill us in more completely on your desserts philosophy? I am trying to compile a year's folder of healthy desserts that are nonetheless "proper" ones and both you and Love, Bake, Nourish have inspired me. I wondered if you had n e more and also how often you believe in dessert e.g. weekends only/ what about week nights. Love Carys

  3. P.S. I also love all your table cloths and wondered if u had read The Set Table or if you could show us some nice ways you make your tables so creative and pretty? Carys x


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