Wednesday, 10 July 2013

norwegian food, fjords and fun

a couple of weekends ago, my mum and i went to Bergen in Norway for the weekend. we've done a girly weekend trip around the time of my birthday for the past 7 years, and it's sort of a tradition... but Norway was new to us.

and my goodness was it beautiful!

the weather was reasonable, about 17c with a few light showers (waterproof required - apparently it rains 300 days of the year!), but it was perfect weather for shopping and eating, which is what mum and i do best on our trips together.

the views around Bergen are beautiful - it's surrounded by fjords and the water is just gorgeous. the architecture is also very stunning - old and classic - it reminded us of Paris in it's chicness and design, but on a much smaller level (it's a very small city indeed).

we stayed at the Comfort Hotel, which was very comfortable, with a very good buffet breakfast - i do LOVE a good buffet breakfast. i especially love looking at what other people choose too - a little nosy yes, but i only want to work out what the local people eat and how they eat it, so then i can copy!

in Norway everyone seems to eat wholewheat bread everywhere. the white loaf at breakfast was untouched. and there are organic bakeries all over the city. boiled eggs and crispbread are also popular, along with the typically Scandinavian pickled herring, and Gjetost cheese (delicious, like caramel)

the markets by the waterfront are intriguing to look through. it's a real tourist spot, and is where the cruise ships unload their passengers so it's really busy (there's always at least one cruise ship in the harbour), but you can get some reasonable seasonal berries there, and LOTS of seafood!

we managed to get WiFi in our hotel and look on TripAdvisor for places to eat for a reasonable price. one with great ratings was Cafe Aura...

we had a delicious vegetarian lasagne with salad, followed by a raw chocolate brownie and a cappucino, yum!

you can pick up tasty cake and filter coffee at a few different places across the city. try the Napoleonskake, my favourite, or a warm cinnamon roll for an authentic taste of Norway! 

once you've eaten so much tasty food, make your way up Mount Floyen, either by foot or funicular, and enjoy the view! definitely worth the trek... the cafe at the top is pretty good too.

other places worth a visit: 
  • Cafe Opera - delicious roast on a Sunday, and tasty prawn salad, awesome fresh strawberries and good coffee and perfect service.
  • Godt Brod - delicious fresh bread and a particularly tasty hazelnut macaroon, perfect for a stop after a long mornings walk
  • Fish Market - this is THE tourist destination in Bergen, but it is very expensive indeed to eat here. if you're a little strapped for cash, like we were, get a couple of hot fish pancakes for 20kroner each, and get a whole fresh crab for 80kroner. if you're not strapped for cash and you want to be extra touristy, definitely get a mixed seafood platter.
  • Fretex - not food related, but definitely check out this awesome second hand goods store - there's two in the city, and it's worth visiting both.
  • Walking around the city - it's a tiny city, so explore! the streets are cobbled though so wear good shoes, and thankfully there are very few cars around so it's pretty safe.

so, that's my trip to Bergen! i hope that inspires you to look at going to Norway at some point, definitely worth putting on your to-do list.

thanks for reading...

currently listening to: the way you look tonight by frank sinatra - such a classic it made it onto our wedding playlist as the song i danced with my dad to... cute right?


  1. Loved that you danced with your father to the classic Frank Sinatra Song The way you look tonight!, Did you get any video footage of your wedding? I would love to see some...

    1. Unfortunately we didn't get any video footage - we didn't get it planned in the short time we had, and we didn't have funds either! It's probably a good thing though as I'm not a great dancer :)

  2. Thats awesome that you enjoyed Norway. I was just in late May/early June. You are right the fish market in Bergen is amazing, I also loved how adorable many of the shops were along that area. I got rain in Bergen while I was there as well, it wasn't too cold though so it felt nice. You should definitely visit more if you haven't already. My absolute favorite place in Norway is Geiranger Fjord, its just so breathtaking. Did you have any strawberries while visiting? Norway is famous for them, they are so much better there than in the US, I loved them! I noticed many of the country houses had strawberries growing on the roof it was just beautiful.

    1. We did eat some strawberries, and they were amazing - very strawberry-y! Thanks for the recommendation - I'd love to go back and visit some of the fjords :)

  3. I just had to comment on your last photo of this post- when I saw it I immediately thought "Wow she's gorgeous!" You really do look so so pretty! I love your blog and youtube beauty channel and I'm glad you had a good time in Norway, I've never been there yet! Maja

    1. Thank you - what a lovely compliment! Have a beautiful day :)

  4. You can't really say that Bergen is a little city! You were just in the center of a Bergen, there are other parts that you didn't explore. Examples like Laksevåg, Åsane, Fana, Sandviken, Lagunen, sansli, loddefjord, olsvik og Govik. You see, Bergen is actually the second biggest city in Norway!

    1. I'd love to go back and explore one day! It is so beautiful...


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