Monday, 22 April 2013

oxford organic deli and a wedding with tophats

good morning, good afternoon, good evening, i hope you are well.

it's the start to another week, and i'm excited - it's going to be a good one. at the end of the week i'm going to be doing some filming down at Perch Hill in East Sussex, and I get to explore the gorgeous gardens there again and eat some tasty food.

last week was lovely, Pete took the whole week off and i had a few days off too - we went up north for a friend's wedding, and enjoyed time relaxing with each other, and Pete enjoyed being a best man, we visited Oxford and went to Millets Farm again (where we purchased a beautiful red teapot for £8.50), and i went to Bath with my mum to the theatre

having some time off was lovely, and made even lovelier now that the sun has decided to shine, finally.

anyway, onto tasty eats and treats of our time off...

good breakfasts are an essential in this house - we enjoyed a little toasted sourdough bread with avocado, and a mushroom scramble, with a bowl of organic bio yogurt with peaches, flax and agave nectar. Pete drinks coffee, i enjoy a glass of rooibos vanilla.

a work at home lunch sandwich - chicken, bacon, egg on toasted sourdough with homemade red pepper hummus and a cucumber, caper & tomato salad.

at the wedding - the food was tasty, and the catering team did a good job. the venue was stunning and it was so wonderful to get to share the celebration with our brilliant friends

in Oxford, there's a lovely little marketplace called Oxford Covered Market, where all sorts of fresh and organic produce are available - you must check it out if you visit... we get 1 delicious belgian chocolate each, as well as enjoying the sweetshop nature of the veg stall... lov-er-ly!

there's a beautiful little organic cafe in Oxford too, which serves such tasty food, and all organic. the cakes looked incredible, and the lunch was divine. i had a greek platter salad - and it was massive! i also had my first almond milk cappucino... i would walk all the way back to Oxford for one of these.

Pete had a chicken and bacon sandwich on artisan bread with salad and roasted veg, and lots of organic tomato ketchup!

when I went to Bath at the weekend with mum, we went to a little French restaurant called Tilley's Bistro, which had good food, but the atmosphere was very poor, and so I cannot recommend it highly unfortunately. this was a crab and egg salad - very dainty and very French.

Mum and I shared an eclair in some of the gardens in Bath - purchased from the wonderful Waitrose patisserie for 25p (reduced at the end of the day - bargain!)... just the perfect way to round off a lovely weekend.

i hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the beautiful sunshine we've been having - I am managing to get in two swims and 1 long walk each week - i'm developing an exercise routine, which has been a long time coming...

thanks for reading! stay happy & healthy.

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Friday, 5 April 2013

polish karpatka and a pretty easter tree

our Easter weekend was delightful - we spent the day on Friday in Winchester strolling through the markets buying olives, sampling the delights of The Bridge Patisserie and popping into Dinghams for some kitchen inspiration.

then on Monday we had an even more wonderful day - starting with french toast and ending with an easter cake filled with pink cake pops and topped with malteaster bunnies, shared with our incredibly cute nieces, Juliet and Rose, along with my mother, brother and sister-in-law...

we've begun an easter tradition of creating an Easter tree - i'm fairly certain this originates in Sweden, and is therefore rather fitting to my heritage. plus, it looks really pretty with the yellow wooden eggs when the branches begin to blossom...

french toast is THE best way to start a bank holiday - and even better made with sourdough, drizzled with agave and homemade blueberry sauce, along with a side of bacon and bananas (i did however keep thinking how incredible this would be Elvis style with maple syrup and peanut butter...)

the recipe for this is in my breakfast book - i love being able to leaf through this and know i can eat anything in it, and also know i've probably already got the ingredients, AND the recipe will turn out well :) even if no-one bought it, it would be worth writing just for my own reference!

there's nothing cuter than watching my husband feed our newest niece...

my sister-in-law makes an incredible roast - tender meat, beautiful roast potatoes (not that i had more than a bite), a perfectly cooked veg and gravy. not too much fat, but lots and lots of flavour. i think i need to learn a few of her skills for future reference...

there were two pudding for Easter - my family have a huge sweet tooth. the first was karpatka, our Polish Karpathian mountain cake - it's sort of a choux pastry filled with custard...

it's rather tasty made the traditional way - but i'm still trying to work on making this low-carb and sugar-free. i've got the custard side of things sorted, so when i discover how to make low-carb yorkshire puddings (i've got some recipes to try for this) then i suppose i can combine the two?!

the second dessert was the epic cake with pink cake pops inserted inside it - alas i couldn't eat more than a bite because it was made with regular sugar and flour, but i did have some of the ganache (just dark chocolate and cream) and enjoyed watching Juliet get stuck in...

so that was our Easter Monday - it was truly relaxing. i'm looking forward to having a few days off next week, as we head to the midlands for a wedding in which Pete is best man...

i still can't believe it's so cold - it even snowed yesterday, and that was the 4th of April!! the weather in England has been so bizarre this year, and i'm really rather looking forward to some some point... hopefully... maybe for the wedding next week would be nice?

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