Tuesday, 14 August 2012

i'm engaged!

you may have been wondering where i've been...

well to cut a long story short... i'm engaged to my wonderful Pete!

now for those of you that want the long story - here it is...

shortly after my birthday, he took me on a surprise day out to Bristol - a city i love but have never had the pleasure of exploring. he had planned all sorts of things that i knew nothing about...

we started by taking my old school bus into town, followed by a delicious breakfast at my favourite cafe in Salisbury, Boston Tea Party - totally polished off...

then a train to Bristol, where we took a long and wonderful walk around the city - by the river and through Clifton, across the suspension bridge, past the planetarium at the science centre, into vintage shops and stopping at the best Deli in the west for coffee and cake.

then he took me to The Muset in Clifton, a very incredible place to eat spectacularly tasty food. we ordered the tasting menu with wine flight - 6 different dishes, with 6 different wines.

and then... 

at the end of the meal, he said 'i just have one more surprise for you', he got down on one knee, and opened a box, in which was the most beautiful ring i've ever seen and asked me to marry him. i was totally speechless, so he had to ask in his best northern accent, 'well will you then?' - of course, then i managed to speak and said yes. we kissed and the whole restaurant applauded (totally like a movie).

so now, we're getting married in early October, it's rather soon (7 1/2 weeks from now!) and so we've been busy planning.

and to finish, here's a little close-up of the ring (taken on my iPhone on the train ride home to show my family!)


  1. Oh my word, congratulations!!! There will be lots of wedding pictures in October, I hope! :)

  2. ALiSSA! I've said it on Facebook, but congratulations on the engagement! I love a non-long engagement, brilliant! Your ring is gorgeous!!! What a perfect day... wow, so happy for you :) xxxx

  3. Congrats! What a lovely story and a beautiful ring!

  4. Congratulations to both of you! What a romantic story!

  5. What a lovely fairytale story! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to you both! Enjoy planning your wedding :)

  6. Congratulations!!! I can see how happy Pete makes you!!! :)

  7. congratulations. You make a lovely couple :)

  8. Congrats!


  9. Congratulations I just found your blog - it is amazing ! you guys look amazing together :) xxx

  10. congratulations!!
    can't wait to see your wedding planning- bet it will be gorgeous. please share :)

  11. Awwww that's so lovely!!! Congrats x


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